My edges are long gone, how do you regrow them again?

Question by You are My Only Exception: My edges are long gone, how do you regrow them back?
I have been putting in weaves for about 6 months so it could expand but it would seem that my hair has just been falling out ever given that! I generally use doo-gro items but i don’t know what to do now. I seem truly hideous with out a hairline. 🙁

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Answer by ♥Lil’ Overlook Addy♥
The nape, edges, and crown area are the most typical spot of hair reduction, so never be upset.

Here is what you do:
1. Nourish:
– Implement your option of merchandise (Castor Oil, Conditioner, BeeMine, Mega-tek/OCT) to your problem location nightly.

two. Stimulate:
– Therapeutic massage your scalp on the nape/edge spot for five, ten, or 15min. for each evening. Optional: Use vital oils (peppermint, lavender, rosemary, thyme, cedar, etc.).

Some men and women with Alopecia Areata (not expressing you have it) message their thinning regions with a hand-held massager (with small nubs) on the area for five minutes early morning and evening. With a keratin gel. (But those to my understanding are approved but you can seem about.)

three. Shield:
A. Dress in a silk/satin scarf, tie the knot away from the problem region and rotate nightly, or switch to a bonnet, if you dress in a scarf at night.
B. Put on your hair up, go over cloths and wintertime scarves and hats with silk/satin scarves when you dress in turtle necks, wool tops, and winter season gear.
C. Loosely cornrow your nape when you wear your hair down, your edges at night time, and equally when you wear a protective type such as weaves or wigs.

four. Fashion Wisely:
A. Restrict direct heat and chemicals to your nape and/or edges (extend relaxers, no “catching edges” with blow dryers and flat irons). Use hooded dryers or air dry, and make the most of your moisturizing and smoothing products.
B. Alternate the aspect you wrap your hair to everyday instead of wrapping, use pin curls.
C. Alternate the facet you use your element on day-to-day or weekly.

After a handful of months you hair should begin to retain length.

Hoped that helped! ♥

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