1. Gianni Finley

    *my hair is falling at a r a pid rate for some odd reason. **Dermo
    biotin shampoo** has stopped that a bit since I started using it for the
    past 10 days…Yes it’s great to see my hair falling less and less everyday
    now. Its contain biotin to help my hair grow faster. G onna keep using
    this shampoo..*

  2. LoveAmberxo

    OBSESSED with your videos Marlena. I have been watching your videos for
    sooo long. You have been my inspiration to do my own videos :)

  3. drfetusface

    I think dying your hair when you have hormone related hairloss is a really,
    really stupid idea. I have hormone related hairloss and I know for a fact
    that covering it up with extensions, dyes and teasing is using going to
    damage MORE and exacerbate the problem. this kind of advice is really
    detrimental to people who actually want to reverse their hairloss. Your
    scalp is already being messed with, and you should never mess it up further
    with teasing and styling. 

  4. MiuMiu G

    You really are quite a phenomenal young woman. I totally love all the good
    things you put out there! Hugs and I wish you well on your hair journey.

  5. Lindsey Rich

    Marlena, I can’t thank you enough for all of the love & care you show us
    subscribers! I am going through a hair loss/thinning journey myself. As a
    woman, it takes a toll on you, I know.. I can’t even leave my home without
    my clip in hair extensions. Recently, I was recommended to see a
    dermatologist, believe it or not. I’m hoping & praying for a good outcome!
    If you haven’t tried the thickening product line from Living Proof I think
    you should give them a shot! I think I can speak for a lot of your fans by
    saying you are a HUGE inspiration to us!!! I can’t imagine sharing a huge
    part of your life with millions of viewers on YouTube, but thank you! We <3

  6. Daniel Lucy

    Massage your scalp with an Argan Rain Argan Oil Hair Treatment lotion
    which is sulfate free and contains no alcohol and wash it off.(consult an
    aurvedic chemist to prepare a lotion suitable for your kind of hair) or
    for all hair types.. I use Argan Rain the product on the link effective to
    fight with hair loss.

  7. Courtney Musser

    Hey Marlena! I had the same symptoms as you a couple years ago. The stomach
    pains, the hair loss and the acne. I went to the doctor so many times and
    they could never figure out what was wrong with me. I had an endoscopy done
    and they put me on so many different medications that just ended up making
    me feel worse. I finally went to see an allergist and got a blood test
    done. It turns out I am allergic to soy. Soy is in just about everything.
    Most packaged goods have soybean oil, restaurants cook using soybean oil
    and “vegetable oil” is pure soy oil. I was eating so much of it that it was
    pretty much poisoning my body. Eventually I cut all soy out of my diet. I
    learned to cook my own food at home using canola oil and I have felt so
    much better! I’m not sure if soy allergy will be it for you, but maybe you
    should try getting an extensive blood test done for allergies. 

  8. Maura La Prova

    Are you wearing extensions in this video, but I don’t see no hair
    loss! Your hair looks marvelous! :-)

  9. Celita Guia

    I love your videos and I love the fact that you reply to comments. Take
    care and have a great rest of your weekend. 

  10. Michelle Cooke

    Hi Marlena, I really feel for you with the struggles you’ve had with your
    health! After your weight loss and everything getting healthier and then
    having these set backs, it can’t be easy! I remember you talking about gut
    problems previously, is this still an issue for you? I had similar problems
    that I remember you speaking about previously and found that including
    resistant starch into my daily routine helped out in that area.
    Also, I read that a low carb diet can sometimes be related to hair loss.
    I’m sure you’ve looked into so many different causes, but wanted to mention
    it in case you hadn’t come across it.
    Thanks for this video, I have naturally quite thin and limp hair and now I
    definitely want to give that brush a go! Looks great!
    Wishing you all the best, thank you for your amazing products and fantastic
    videos!! xxx

  11. trisha60

    NEEDED THIS VIDEO IN MY LIFE- i start using loreal fibrilogy recently and
    will make a review once i have tried it!! xx

  12. Nicole Deng

    Are you still losing hair? I have been losing hair for several years and
    just recently went to the doctor, same as you, she gave me no answer, which
    at this stage, I’m pretty helpless since I know my hair will just keep
    losing and they are not coming back! 

  13. Tilly Leigh

    I am going through the same thing you are, you have no idea how comforting
    these videos are for me. Thank you for talking about this

  14. Rickie Elmen

    *I bought argan life products after I saw on internet. When ı leave
    argan life shampoo on my hair for a few min. as suggested by the
    instructions, I can feel the tingling sensation. And after a few weeks of
    use, I can see that my skull has denser follicles. Tnx*

  15. StephDots

    Have you seen a rheumatologist? I’ve been watching you for a long time, and
    it sounds like you may have autoimmune issues. The issues you have mirror a
    lot of the issues I have. It took 7 years for me to me to be properly
    diagnosed. Try seeing a rheumatologist; you won’t regret it!

  16. samara611

    Have you tried seeing an endocrinologist? I feel like some of the things
    you said you had problems with were similar to my situation, and before I
    went to my endo and was actually diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary
    syndrome), I had never even heard of it xD! Not saying that that is what
    you have but it’s definitely something to look in to, in my opinion at
    least ^^; same goes for any other ladies watching this vid with similar
    health/hormone issues they can’t seem to find an answer for. Thanks for
    making such amazing vids <3 I've been binge watching and I really am
    getting a ton of great new tips and tricks! 

  17. *I bought argan life products after I saw on internet. When ı leave
    argan life shampoo on my hair for a few min. as suggested by the
    instructions, I can feel the tingling sensation. And after a few weeks of
    use, I can see that my skull has denser follicles. Tnx*

  18. BeautyJunki101

    Have you ever tried Nioxin? I just bought a kit, I’ve never heard of anyone
    talk about it but figured Id give it a try anyways…..