My friends dog is dropping his Hair. What can she do?

Issue by Mister-E: My buddies canine is getting rid of his Hair. What can she do?
My pals puppy is losing his hair. Her mothers and fathers want her to market the pet. Shes also hooked up to the pet to get rid of it. She would like to know if you can just set some kind of shampoo or cheap residence treatments for hair reduction?
ive heard of placing apple cider vinegar for hair loss on individuals. I dont know how accurate that is but, if its real… Can you do the exact same factor with canines?

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Reply by Laura – Veterinary Surgeon
Regrettably there is no magic shampoo for hair loss, normally you’d never ever see yet another bald particular person yet again!
Hair reduction can be for a number of factors that in shape two primary types, abnormal decline or absence of creation.
Fundamentally your pal could be seeking at an underlying bacterial an infection, fungal infection, hormonal difficulty, parasites, allergies, and so on.
The only way to commence ruling things in/out is to go to a vet.

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