My hair has been falling out?!?

Query by ‘R’ R.I.P MJ♡: My hair has been falling out?!?
Howdy. Nicely im 15 several years aged and my hair has been falling out for the very last two yrs or so. Ive been to see a doctor and he stated nothing at all was wrong.. just the hair cycle, tension, extended use of antibiotics. Well 2 yrs later on and its nonetheless falling out ridiculously. When I run my fingers by way of my hair I get a large clump falling out. I dread washing my hair as when I do I get a whole handful falling out. ='(
I used to have a Really thick growth and now it is so slender ='(

I have only at any time dyed my hair as soon as.
I am not employing a sturdy or tough shampoo.
Sure I am taking vitamins for my hair.. and for better.
And no I do not have alopecia as my hair does not drop out in patches and many others.

Nonetheless Im so depressed and truly want my hair to stop falling?

Just questioning in the past I utilised to use reasonably hot h2o on my head…Im not sure but could this have an result on my hair decline?

Make sure you if anyone can assist it would be most appreciated. =)

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Answer by s m i l e. [:
I feel you need to have to see a dermatologist. You have to tell them your hair is falling out in CLUMPS. If they have been just strands it would be alright but CLUMPS are never ever great.

EDIT: Even if you have observed a skin doctor let’s say, discover a new 1.

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