My hair is really thin and falling out?

Question by Izzie: My hair is incredibly skinny and falling out?
I have in a natural way curly shoulder length hair, and it employed to be extremely quite thick, and I experienced a great deal of it. But I’ve been straightening my hair Daily for the past 4 years. Now my hair is so slim, and when my hair is likely straight down my back again its about the width of a quarter! It utilised to go from shoulder to shoulder, its so undesirable i nearly burst out crying when i was styling this morning. It wasn’t like this until school started out, so it really is only not too long ago began seeking like this.
I do not know what to do. When I depart my hair curly, it really is so skinny and frizzy it looks disgusting. But when I straighten it, it gets even worse and worse. How can I grow back again the hair that’s fallen out and make my hair thicker? If I lower it, will that make it thicker? I will do anyyything.

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Solution by Lamis
examine out this web site. it is incredibly valuable

but apart from what this web site has already said, to incorporate on, i would say, reduce it and it will increase thicker. do not use conditioner and also significantly shampoo. it will harm your hair. truly hear to the suggestions of this web site.

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