My hair stops growing at a specified duration?

Query by Gwen: My hair stops increasing at a certain length?
My hair hasn’t been more time than about the middle of my upper body for a prolonged time. I’ll trim it and it will increase back, but by no means previous that 1 location.
Can any individual make sure you explain to me why and how I can fix it?

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Response by Ben
Ive never had this issue, but ive heard two primary reasons, hair overall health and genetics. If your hair is as well fragile/ruined/not in wonderful shape, your hair will simply not grow previous a certain length.
Genetics.. some individuals can in no way develop their hair a particular lenth or dont expand their hair at particular speeds.

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  1. It may be damaged. If it has major split ends, it won’t grow past where it alteady is, and when you trim it the ends will split there again. Also, it may have to do with age. As some people get older, whether they’re fifteen or forty, then genes will kick in and it won’t grow anymore.