My mother is mad I employed her hair conditioner ….what the hell?

Concern by bvconverse: My mother is mad I employed her hair conditioner ….what the hell?
My hair was genuinely knotted up cuz I was babysitting my tiny sister at my mother and father apartment for two evenings so I needed some .There was no a lot more hair conditioner in the shower like the youngsters type my sister makes use of …my hair is medium extended and knotted up from viewing tv set and videos with my eleven yr old sister and sleeping for a few times so I utilised some of my moms hair conditioner. She claims I employed freaking half the bottle and yelling at me about how high-priced it was. She is producing me spend sixty dollars to exchange it and will not even give me the relaxation of the conditioner bottle like if I am heading to shell out to replace it I must hold the rest. She yelled at me for the total night. She is not going to even spend me babysitting income like one hundred twenty pounds guy…. what is up? She is now threatening to minimize my hair quick abd sneak hair decline goods into my hair goods at my apartment.

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your mom is overreacting

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  1. Dude. Its bair condotioning! She can always buy another bottle!

  2. Bagelsrgood

    Sadly, this is called emotional abuse. I recognize this because it happened to me. Emotional abuse is much worse than physical abuse; the scars are under the skin and they hinder you for about quarter of your life. The most painfully part if it is that the abuser will not want to even acknowledgments it later in life, much less apologize. My mother did the same to me and it almost destroyed me. You are probably too young to understand this so just remember, your mother has issues that plagued her and she uses the emotional violence against you as an outlet for what hurts her inside. She will continue to abuse you until those issues within her are resolved.

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