My partner abruptly has three bald scalps.Scares me a great deal.How to have it increase again?

Query by Mine: My husband out of the blue has three bald scalps.Scares me a good deal.How to have it expand back?
I just arrived back again from my trip, suddenly I saw my husband’s head received three bald spots. They look so hideous,considering that he has slim hair,but this time you can see evidently 3 shiny bald places on his head.Anyone knows how to have it expand back?? Help me,pls.. thank you so much.

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Response by Light Winds
Hair club for gentlemen. Rogaine.

Or find out to take it. This tends to take place as males age. And for God sakes, will not tell him it appears so hideous!!!!! Why would you want to damage his emotions? Gentlemen are likely to be extremely delicate over hair decline.

Males have one scalp. Not 3.

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