My pomeranian has black skin syndrome (Alopecia X)?

Issue by : My pomeranian has black skin syndrome (Alopecia X)?
Our four 12 months outdated douleur pomeranian has ‘black skin syndrome’ which has left his coat almost gone all around most of his midsection and hindquarters. He isn’t going to appear to be in any ache or discomfort, but recently his pores and skin has showed definite indicators of blackening in patches where most of the hair is absent.

He tested unfavorable for Cushing’s Syndrome, his hormone stages are all typical, and he is neutered. We have been supplementing his diet program with Vitamin E and he has been recommended by our vet ‘Meltatonin’ tablets which he has used for numerous months with no enhancement in his condition.

Does anybody have any experience with this in their dog? What remedies did you find successful? The very poor minor man has had every examination feasible and our vet was mystified – it was only following listening to somebody talk of ‘Black Pores and skin Syndrome’ that we knew these kinds of a illness existed. We hear Nizoral shampoo aids, but most analysis on the web presents tiny or no therapy alternatives that seem efficient.

A lot of thanks in progress.
Thyroid amounts checked and came back good. All hormone exams were typical, he does not have difficulties with any metabolic processes. Nizoral and other antifungal shampoos seemed unusual to us way too, but seemingly men and women have utilized them with combined achievement.

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Did your vet operate a thyroid panel way too? Nizoral is a yeast treatment method shampoo.

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