My sisters and I have a hair decline problem?

Concern by An individual: My sisters and I have a hair reduction difficulty?
It started out just just lately when the temperature altered, so I feel it’s due to the fact of the humidity. We use Garnier Fructis shampoo each other day. What are some techniques to avert the humidity from hair reduction? Does depart-in conditioner perform?
Alright, so if I will not shampoo it daily, can I just rinse it with only drinking water each day?

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Response by ♥♥Nessy♥♥ -Renesme- / Twilight/
Alright try out placing your hair in a bun ahead of bead each night time the more time you have it up and not down the more hair you will keep. Do not rn your fingers by means of your hair and stay away from the prong brushes consider to use a delicate brush alternatively and do not above brush!

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  1. babygirl

    Don’t use shampoos and conditioners every other day try using them once a week.
    && be4 OR after u come out of the shower try using oil that has soy or anything natural in it.
    Don’t wash your hair everyday.
    After you tried all that and u still have problems consult your doctor.

  2. ***Tahiti Sugar***

    The humidity has nothing to do with it. Hair loss (alopecia) can be caused by a number of things:
    1) Traumatic Alopecia; ex. pulling constantly on one piece of hair
    2) Lack of vitamins and nutrients in your diet
    3) Medication or treatments or chemo etc.
    4) Dandruff/Psoriasis
    5) Genitics

    How are your nails? They are made of keratin which is the same as your hair.

    Garnier shampoo although you won’t want to hear this because it is cheap and affordable and you probably won’t want to switch to a quality shampoo, is high in alkaline. It will eventually dry out your hair and if you color/perm your hair then it will create breakage which can be confused with hair loss. Try switching to a professional shampoo for a little more money. It’s more pH balanced to your hair’s natural, 7.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Ive never heard of hair loss from humidity. Now you may be experiencing a lot of shedding, but that might be due to the fact that hair grows faster in warm climates. If your hair is growing faster, then it’ll shed more too. Try getting a trim ever 6-8 wks, using quality shampoo/condioner. if this doesn’t work the… try going to your doctor!

    Good Luck

  4. Yes not shampooing all the time is actually quite good for your hair. It allows natural oxidants to stay in the hair and repair itself.

  5. use shampoo 2 times a week.. don’t do it daily.. Me too using garnier shampoo which is nice..And never try to change shampoo. It may tends to lose hair.. yeah,, conditioner is of course needed for garnier like products.. and don’t rinse your hair daily, b’coz the water status can change your hair follicle to become thin and leave out from your scalp.. so there are many reasons which cause hair loss and dandruff..

  6. Hair loss can be caused by many things, including some medications, high fevers, hormonal changes, pregnancy, surgical shock, transplant surgery, poor diet (lacking in essential fatty acid, biotin, zinc, iron deficiency), anemia, aging, male pattern baldness, thyroid disease causing decreased thyroid levels (hypothyroidism), severe emotional stress, and autoimmune disease (disease that affects the body’s ability to recognize its own tissues, causing it to gradually destroy them).

    The shampoo shouldn’t have anything to do with hair loss.