my son was identified w/ alopecia. What are the probabilities he will drop all his hair?

Query by Doreen T: my son was identified w/ alopecia. What are the possibilities he will lose all his hair?
Is there anything at all i could do or medicines that will avert any much more hair reduction? Please Support!

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Reply by Daid J
I believe you are referring to alopecia areata.
First of all the issue can very clear up by itself following a few months to a yr.So do not panic.
The root result in of it is not known but there is remedy for it with
clobetasol or fluocinonide.The other treatment method that can operate is minoxidil.
I would stay away from corticosteroids as these have not extremely great aspect outcomes.
I am positive your medical doctor can suggest a form of clobetasol or fluocinonide to take care of him with.In any other case you can get minoxidil primarily based therapies your self.

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