My spouse will be likely by way of menopause quickly what ought to I anticipate?

Concern by grob: My wife will be likely by means of menopause soon what must I anticipate?
Due to the fact of Cancer treatment and a hysterectomy right after that my wife will be likely through menopause, fairly before long. The cancer remedy gave me a preview but the hysterectomy will be the total on thing. What must I expect? How can I be supportive?

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The best piece of advice I can offer is for you to constantly hold in brain that she Can’t management the mood swings – She will request you to do something and you will do exactly as asked and you will still get yelled at lol.

It will get greater, but you will require to be individual and take issues with a grain of salt for awhile.

Excellent luck to you the two.

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  1. Magic 8 Ball BILFtacular!

    Unless she gets on hormones, she is just going to be a beeotch.

  2. You should be asking her and her physician that question.

  3. ĿỉŁF™ best viewed sideways ↕

    Satan will be resurrected through your wife.

  4. My wife’s been through the change. I don’t even know that I can describe it to you, but I’ll try.

    The mood swings. Like a roller coaster ride from hell (for both of you). But unlike a real roller coaster, you never really know when this ride will end.

    The temper. Her fuse will get shorter. Strange thing is, it will be the little things that set it off more than the big ones. Kinda like someone shooting fireworks at you as you ride the roller coaster described above.

    It’s your fault. Whatever you do, don’t try to debate this. Just accepting this is a key to survival.

    There will be times where your wife just doesn’t seem like the woman you married any longer. There will be days that you ask yourself how you ever ended up married to such a moody, uncaring, unforgiving bitch. On these days more than any other you have to remember that your wife is still in there somewhere, and you will get her back when the ride finally comes to an end.

    There just aren’t words to describe the rest (but the answer above mine comes close).

  5. Mill Boon

    You need to lengthen your patience. She would need immense emotional support from you because she’s going through tough times. Hopefully, both of you would surpass the challenges in your life and continue to care and love each other.

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