My Unexplained Current Hair Loss?

Query by Izumi: My Unexplained Modern Hair Reduction?
I have been encountering hair decline in an alarming price of 2 handfuls of hair a working day and I am only 13 several years of age. I used to possess a thick lock of hair people typically marveled at, but now, the hair I have developed so fond of is practically nothing but a joke in contrast to its authentic state.
Remember to, if you can, condition all of the sicknesses or troubles that might be linked to hair reduction.
P.S. my TSH Receptor Anticore has been in the 200 when it was supposed to be one-40 but we usually are not certain it has everything to do with hair decline.

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Solution by the times of Elijah
what has this obtained to do with cancer except if you are heading by way of chemo. I consider you are paranoid. YOu have practically nothing to fear about, it may be the shampoo you are employing, go and see a hairdresser.

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  1. There is a hair loss condition called Alopecia Areata in which a person will lose all hair on their body. It has nothing to do with cancer. I have no idea if that is what is happening with you or not. I am familiar with the condition because my young sister in law has this and is completely bald.

    National Alopecia Areata Foundation

  2. Hair loss is very normal. But I would get my thyroid checked. My step mother lost hair due to inactive thyroid. Good Luck!

  3. Fungal infection
    Application of chemical agents
    Hair dyeing agent application
    Any other chronic deblitiating diseases
    Cancer chemotherapy
    Habituation to stale food
    Dirty hard water used for head washes
    Improper hair hygeine
    Find out which one fits to your situation & prevent it or else see a Dermatologist.