1. Holly Barnes

    I cannot believe she is using a styling product (Wen) filled with wax!
    Here she is using the best quality products, Nioxin, and then she puts
    damaging product in her hair afterwards. She’s also missing the 3rd step
    in the Nioxin kit….Scalp Treatment. You’ve got to use all three parts to
    ensure a healthy scalp environment. And contrary to the comments below, if
    you want to make sure your products are not grey market…tampered with,
    expired or bacteria filled, please only purchase Nioxin from a salon. It’s
    NEVER authorized for sale online, in grocery or pharmacy stores. Be
    careful what you are putting on your body! The cost is generally the same
    but the results may not be. 

  2. Butterfly1619

    Hey everyone! You can buy it at amazon.com or at a TGF hair salon that is
    near you! :)

  3. Cesa Yoto

    If you suffer hair loss problem , you have to make sure your diet and be
    careful to use proper hair care product. If you need any suggestion about
    hair care product, I can suggest to you use Argan life. You can get more
    information by searching on Google as an Argan life and you can watch
    customer review on Youtube…

  4. Victoria West

    I am curious and was wondering if the Nioxin Shampoo and Conditioner that
    you have is made in Mexico or is it showing made in Atlanta Georgia in the
    USA? Reason for asking is because I have been told to try it out by a salon
    stylest, but read and review of a lady who used to buy the product and
    started noticing that the directions were being worded different and the
    manufacturer had changed which caused her to believe that the product is no
    longer guaranteed to be as successful as it has been in the past. So I was
    just wondering which location for manufacturing and distributing your
    bottle has on it. Thanks and have a great evening.

  5. Robin J. Barajas

    I know how nasty having hair loss is, I used thousands dollars on
    prescriptions and other procedures without any confirmed result.

  6. Cash Money

    I came here for reviews on the shampoo. But gosh, marry me sweetheart. Ur
    perfect lol <3

  7. Linda J. Topp

    You can re-grow your own hair in a natural way within 6 months, without
    spend tons of money for surgery & expensive treatment

  8. Kerby Boyner

    Many hair problems such as dry hair, rough hair, dull hair lacking shine
    and frizzy hair can be solved with the use of this wonder hair care product
    arganl ife. the reason that it is so effective for repairing damaged hair
    and has even surpassed the other wellknown hair care products in popularity
    is because it is not only rich in vitamin E, but it also contains omega 3
    and omega 9 unsaturated fatty acids that provides nutrition to hair. 

  9. Emogene Barge

    I read a lot of superb reviews on the net about how Zunhairex Secrets (do a
    search on google) will help you cures your hair loss and regrow it
    naturally. Has anybody tried this popular hair loss home remedy?

  10. S Loughery

    I used the #2 nioxin 3 step. Cleanser shampoo, scalp therapy and the scalp
    treatment foam that they say is vital for the step 2 to work. I have been
    on this for 3 months and have noticeably less hair. It’s important to know
    nioxin does NOT work for 50% of the users. It’s only designed to remove
    the sebum that clogs the pores to PROMOTE hair growth. You have a full
    head of hair. Why are you using it?? The one good thing about it is you
    can get a full refund and that’s exactly what I did. 

  11. Peter Woods

    Hi! Thank you for that review. I’m about to turn 20 and I’m a male and
    sadly have thinning hair and have lost some at the top. I have died my hair
    a couple times and have been using this prescribed foam for dandruff for
    about 3 years, so which system do you recommend? Also is there a separate
    treatment for just the scalp? And does it actually stimulate REGrowth of
    hair? Thank you so much!! 

  12. Evelyn Martinez

    Thank you! Thank you! So much for replying 

  13. jason statham

    You’re soooooooooooo beautiful ! :)

  14. Evelyn Martinez

    Thanks so much for replying!!! A few more questions tho lol so the Nioxin
    do u use it everyday? Do u wash your hair daily like morning n night or
    every other day? N were can I find the Gwen mask? 


    I recommend the shampoo and conditioner from pro naturals!

  16. LeighAnn Smith

    Did you start the rogaine by yourself or with a Dr. I stopped the nioxin
    because of how harsh my hair felt but am at a loss as what else may
    actually help my thinning hair. 

  17. Evelyn Martinez

    Thanks girly!!!! I was amazed at ur rogaine results I just went n bought it
    do u recommend applying it on dry or damp hair??? 

  18. agateck1

    Unfortunately Nioxin has been bought by some different company and is now
    made in Mexico. It no longer has the ingredient that cleanses out your
    scalp in order to promote healthy hair growth. You can read amazon reviews
    for more info :/

  19. Solo Duo

    Hi there, probably you are 21-22 right? normally hair fall starts at this
    age .. I really appreciate you sharing your experience and precautions. I
    know how hard hair fall is and how it affects your confidence. As a guy i
    am too embarrassed and i am total rejection with girls before i can
    approach and talk and get to know each other. You are gorgeous and
    courageous to share your video. Thank you.

  20. Butterfly1619

    No problem, feel free to ask me any more questions you might have 🙂

  21. Butterfly1619

    Hi, Well I’m glad that you found this helpful. It can be frustrating trying
    to find what does work when there are so may products out there. Never feel
    discouraged because there are many young guys who also go through this and
    can relate to what you have to go through. All we have to do is find what
    works best for our hair to prevent hair loss. 🙂