Nutritional vitamins for Hair Loss?

Concern by missjankett: Vitamins for Hair Reduction?
Im a female, 22 several years old. My hair is falling out a lot and it feels like its all over my home. I dont consume any nutritional vitamins and i assume thats the issue. What nutritional vitamins are proper for me? please help.

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Solution by Derrick
If you eat a very good, healthy balanced diet plan, you dont want vitamin dietary supplements, go and converse to your medical professional

I had the exact same difficulty, hair loss, I spoke to my barber, I explained, I’m losing my hair, what could he advocate ?

He gave me a brown paper bag, it worked I know where all my hair is now, unfortunately, I dont put on it any more

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  1. Unless you’re living off of Kraft Dinner and soda, it’s extremely difficult to eat so poorly that hair loss is strictly caused by a lack of vitamins. Please talk to your doctor about this – it could be a sign of a more serious underlying condition.

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