Nutritional vitamins for hair loss?

Issue by Shelley L: Vitamins for hair loss?
My pal is nervous about hair decline recently. She’s on medications for her thyroid, which may be a partial offender, but I think she needs better nutrition. I know B natural vitamins are very good for hair decline. Anything else? I was thinking prenatal nutritional vitamins, as well. My hair was super thick when I was on those!

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Reply by Chocolate Chip Meringue
There are two reason for hair reduction if she is hypothyroid: one) currently being on the lousy T4-only meds like Synthroid, Leovyxl, Levothyroxine, which leave virtually absolutely everyone with lingering hypo symptoms, which includes hair reduction two) possessing very low storage iron, aka minimal ferritin, which is common with individuals on the lousy T4-only meds and causes hair decline.

Read this about why T4 will not operate and can trigger hair decline:

And this about low ferritin:

And she should study the whole Cease the Thyroid Madness internet site, a thyroid affected individual advocacy internet site by Thyroid Individual Activist Janie Bowthorpe. Janie also wrote the e-book by the identical identify, and readers report liking it even more than the site, since it really is easier to refer to, and has even a lot more info.

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