1. Enrico Donata

    I was suffering from alopecia areata. After only one month of using
    arga.nrai.n products there is clear evidence that hair is growing. It is
    light in color and kind of thin, but hair it is. miracle! 

  2. Diana Olera

    I had alopecia areata. My stylist recommended arga nlife. products for
    improvement of hair regrowrh and thickening. I was skeptical at first, but
    after a month or so, my hair was growing back stronger and thicker.

  3. jabez black

    Yashaya loves you. please believe him.

  4. I don’t mind the smell of onions, in fact I quite like it. I’ve just tried
    the onion treatment once going to do it again tomorrow morning.

  5. Berenice C.

    thank you for the great advice, you are so lovely 😉

  6. Nisey Pooh

    Can I move in with you please lol.I just wanna call you mama 😉 I bought
    all my ingredients yesterday for my mask… I am so excited about my first

  7. Nothingbutthebest

    You do not have to use the meat of the onion or garlic the silver contains
    the same thing just not as pungent in odor. You can pour warm water or oil
    over them and let it set up.Or whatever way you prepare your concoction for
    your paste.

  8. Austin Hawkins

    You are so generous to be posting this-I tried just the onion juice tonight
    and can’t wait to check it out. I find that I can’t use oil on my hair-it
    takes about 3 shampoos to get it out and I find it weakens my hair so I was
    happy to find a treatment without oil. I have lost over 70 percent of my
    hair and last week had a sudden lost of about 40 % of it! It totally
    freaked me out. What is the best formula? Onion, Serrano pepper and apple
    cider vinegar with garlic? Thank you So SO much!

  9. Roots4U45

    grate the onion finely with a box grater. it will be easier to wash out or
    you can squeeze the juice thru a strainer. good luck

  10. howconnie

    Seems like dead tissue retains onions, so until your scalp is clean your
    sweat will release the onion smell.

  11. Apple Dee

    I choose stinky hair too! i juiced the onion in my omega juicer and mixed
    the juice with my shampoo…let´s see how this works out…. I love your
    hair btw!! 😀

  12. JiggaMisses

    Is this for real? Will it really work? When I see my doctor they say what
    hair I lost from alopecia I won’t get back. Have you seen a doctor and told
    this before?

  13. howconnie

    @sharmeta it is one of the secrets of the ayurvedic. This comes from India