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Nourkrin Extra Strength Hair Recovery Programme 60 Tablets 1 Month Supply

  • Protein, mineral and food supplement
  • Developed to help reduce hairloss and promote existing hairgrowth
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  • 75% reported hairloss had stopped and hair growth had improved with the use of Nourkrin

Clinically Proven In Placebo, Double Blind Studies, Conducted By International Journal Of Medical Research: ? A Significant Decrease Of Thinning Hair ? Thinning Hair Had Stopped In All Subjects After Two Months ? 92% With Alopecia Areata Saw A Regrowth Of Permanent Hair After 6 Months And 85% Were Completely Cured With 10%Showing Partial Regrowth Of Hair. ? 83.3% With Alopecia Totalis Saw The Same Improvement After 4 Months ? 9 Out Of 10 Women Reported An Improvement ? 83% Of Nourkrin Customers See An Improvement      Questions & Answers Q: How Does Nourkrin Work? A: Nourkrin Is Designed To Stop Excess Hair Loss, Improve The Strength Of Existing Hair And Supply The Body With The Specific Compounds Needed To Help Stimulate The Re-Growth

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Price: $ 39.99

Question by : Should I use minoxidil 5% for my a mere little hair loss?
One month ago, I realized that there was a little part of my hair loss on my head ( back – about a 25 cent dollar size ). And my friend also noticed about my hair loss. As of today, there is still no hair regrowth on that part. And I am really worrying about that.
For that, I bought ” minoxidil topical solution USP 5% ‘ in TARGET. But I wanna ask that should I use this as I’m only 19 yrs old?

P.S. Is that called ‘ Alopecia Areata “?

Best answer:

Answer by wizzard
It does sound like Alopecia Areata (SPOT BALDNESS). It is an autoimmune disease that causes bald spot that can spread to the whole scalp and sometimes even the whole body. Stress has been known to be the main cause.

For a start you can compare with the images in Following this, a skin biopsy should be carried out by a trained medical doctor or a dermatologist. This is the best way to diagnose and confirm. It will show any abnormal concentration of T-cells (immune cells) at the affected area.

My bro did the same when had this problem. However he managed to recover using a treatment he found in the website. Wish you a quick recovery

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