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Spectral RS from DS Laboratories [60 ml]

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Spectral.RS&ampreg is a breakthrough formula for the treatment of thinning hair and diffuse hair loss. Spectral.RS&ampreg uses a proprietary nanosome technology as the delivery vehicle of active compounds directly into target cells. Spectral.RS&ampreg works by improving the nutrition, circulation, and metabolism of the hair follicle and preventing perifollicular fibrosis. Spectral.RS&ampreg is an ideal treatment for men and women with generalized thinning hair. Spectral.RS&ampreg is also an ideal treatment for individuals looking for a highly effective treatment that does not contain minoxidil. Spectral.RS&ampreg ddoes not contain any harsh chemicals, is pleasant to apply, and improves the over-all condition of the scalp. Spectral.RS&ampreg

List Price: $ 22.90

Price: $ 22.90

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