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Traction Alopecia (Dermatology)

Traction Alopecia teaches you the facts about this common hair loss condition that is supposedly making Naomi Campbell bald.

Topics covered include:
What is traction Alopecia?
What Causes Traction Alopecia?
What are the Symptoms of Traction Alopecia?
What are the Signs or Physical Findings on Examination of Traction Alopecia?
How is the Diagnosis of Traction Alopecia made?
What are the Differential Diagnosis for Traction Alopecia?
What is the Treatment for Traction Alopecia?
How can one Prevent Traction Alopecia?

What is Traction Alopecia?
Traction alopecia also known as traumatic alopecia, is a common cause of hair loss in women and especially African American woman. Traction alope

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Price: $ 0.99 – information on the hair loss condition alopecia areata. Alopecia areata can present itself as quickly forming patches of hair loss, or total baldness of the scalp or whole body. Find out about alopecia areata and what can be done about the condition. Brought to you by The Belgravia Centre – the UK’s leading hair loss clinic.


  1. BelgraviaCentre

    @ImSoIntoYou2011 Belgravia’s minoxidil 12.5% cream is very effective for alopecia areata patches. Please contact us on 0800 077 6666 or complete our online diagnostic form which can be found on The Belgravia Centre website. You can also find information on the minoxidil 12.5% cream on the website and view photos and success stories of people who have been treated for patchy alopecia areata.

  2. ImSoIntoYou2011

    Hi I’m a male with corse hair & I have alopecia areata. It started with a dime sized patch of hair missing from the back of my head after a hair cut. 2 months later more hair fell out and 2 new spot popped up on the right side of my head & face. That was 1 1/2 years ago. I started CMP-Squaric Acid/Acetone treatments last month with no result yet other than a nasty rash that itches like crazy!! Just wanted to see if anyone else out there has used this treatment with positive results. Thanks:-)

  3. BelgraviaCentre

    @tlotiger91 Unfortunately Alopecia Universalis is a very difficult condition to treat and there is not always going to be a treatment that will help. The video provides information on everything available for Alopecia. There is a great website called Alopecia World, which is a huge community of people who have different forms of Alopecia (mostly Totalis / Universalis). There are lots of people on there with the same condition as you that will be able to offer help and advice for the condition.

  4. tlotiger91

    i also have alopecia universalis i have lost most of my hair on my scalp and lost all of my hiar on my brows i have a doctor and go to treatments but doesnt help much what would u suggest me to do please help this is really stressfull!

  5. BelgraviaCentre

    @kamii0428 Unfortunately our centre does not offer treatments for Alopecia Universalis. If your brows and lashes have come back then that is a good sign, but unfortunately it is difficult to say whether more hair will return as in many cases hair on the head does not. There are many children in the same position as you and a great website to join with many others just like you is alopecia world. It is a social network and you will find many people on there that can offer help and advice.

  6. kamii0428

    i have alopecia universalis. it has started to bring back my brows and lashes but not my head. i have given up on any treatments. i am 14. please help!

  7. BelgraviaCentre

    @automaticchic Please ask her to visit The Belgravia Centre website and complete our online diagnostic form using the ‘Belgravia Worldwide’ tab on the home page. Depending on the severity of her hair loss, our treatments might be able to help.

  8. automaticchic

    my mom’s hair have started to fall off and in several spots.she bought a wig recently to get ready in advance.they grow back super slowwww and they are becoming more difficult to conceal…
    HELP please 🙁

  9. @BelgraviaCentre

    i send an email

    and wait for replay

  10. BelgraviaCentre

    @armaghdown1 You would have to speak to a trichologist at the centre. What you can do is complete our online diagnostic form – this will give us a detailed idea of the severity of your condition and the likelihood of our treatments helping. You will be contacted by a member of the Belgravia team once you have submitted the form, which can be found on The Belgravia Centre website by clicking on the ‘Belgravia Worldwide’ icon on the home page.

  11. armaghdown1

    My severity is rather much 50% of my scalp effected however I have no bald patches anymore , just my natural brown hair and white hair where I used to have patches. This white hair does not accept a colour from dyes etc so its very unsightly. Could 12.5% change the colour of the hair to natural brown and does it stop further hairloss?

  12. BelgraviaCentre

    @armaghdown1 how severe is your condition? It is very unlikely topical immunotherapy would be necessary – this is generally only advised for extreme cases of alopecia as it can cause serious side effects. Minoxidil 12.5% + Azelaic Acid cream has been very successful for patchy alopecia.

  13. armaghdown1

    Hi. If topical immunatherapy is 25% sucessful for patients with universals or totalis, what is the percentage of sucess of treating the condition with DPCP immunatherapy for the patchy form of alopecia? Nowhere can I find this answer, maybe somebody knows.

  14. BelgraviaCentre

    @wahem1 @wahem1 Could you please visit The Belgravia Centre website (link provided underneath the video, or you can just search Google) and complete our online diagnostic form (click on the ‘home use service’ link in the menu). It would also help if you send photos to our email address, which can be found on the ‘contact us’ page. Once we have all of this we will be able to offer a prognosis and inform you how likely our treatments are to work. We look forward to hearing from you.

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