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Wild Growth Hair Oil

  • One easy stroke
  • No heavy odors
  • Only a few drops are needed 1-3 times per week
  • Longer, fuller, softer, enriched and controlled hair
  • No need for very hot comb for “hard” press

Wild Growth Hair Oil is made of 100% natural ingredients that work together to condition, detangle and help you achieve longer-lasting presses.

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Question by bubblegum39: What can I do about rapid hair loss and dandruff?
I’m only 14, and I used to have shiny, healthy hair. Somewhere along puberty I got severe dandruff which just wouldn’t go away regardless of whatever shampoo and medication I tried. With the dandruff came greasy hair and slight hair loss, but it wasn’t too bad. Somehow the dandruff and greasiness went away, but the rate of hair loss increased rapidly.

I still look OK because my hair is quite thick, but the amount of hair on my bedroom floor is really scary. What could have brought on the sudden hair loss? Is there anything I can do about it?

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Answer by ♥Cutie Emily♥
go bald.

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  1. Jane Doe "Jane Doe"
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Amazing results, but smells funny, March 16, 2008

    This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil (Misc.)

    Of all the hair products I’ve ever tried, this is the only one that gave solid results. My hair was soft, manageable and stopped breaking completely. It grew so fast my friends started asking me what I using and I was amazed as well. ONLY problem: this stuff smells funny. That’s because it’s free of articial perfumes and such, which was GREAT for my hair but cramped my social style. I stopped using Wild Growth due to the smell, but I’m going to try it again (I’m having a hair crisis!) and maybe use a sweet smelling natural oil or hair spray to mask the funny odor.

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  2. Lauren N. Davidson
    73 of 77 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    It Works and is a great product for ethnic, thick hair, soft or coarse, January 19, 2010

    This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil (Misc.)

    I’ve purchased this product from Sally’s beauty supply and I used it on my scalp when I got my hair braided. It does have a little strange odor but you can easily spray a light all natural oil sheen on top of it and its gone. I just put it directly on my scalp and massaged it. I did it a few times a week and after I removed my braids, my hair was soft, strong, and it grew a lot. Its a good addition to any hair growth regimen that you currently have in place. My regimen to help my hair grow and become stronger, consist of this, carrot oil in the jar by organic root stimulator, and a spray by triple gro and hair vitamins by super hair energizer. I started by doing a good treatment to my hair using Aphogee shampoo for damaged hair, then I did Aphogee two-step protein treatment, then I did the aphogee balancing moisturizer treatment, and then I did the Aphogee ProVitamin leave-in conditioner, I also did a mostorizing condition by cantu called Cantu leave in conditioning hair repair and I trimmed my ends. Next I got my hair braided in African Senagalese twist. I started taking my hair vitamins by super hair energizer, and I alternated between greasing my scalp with carrot oil and Wild growth and I would massage my scalp every night and I laid upside down from time to time to let blood flow and circulate to my head but I only did this for no more than a minute or less. I also spray Triple Gro hair spray in my scalp to relieve some of the pain from the tightness of the braids and to moisturize. I used Aphogee gloss therapy polisher spray to spray my actual braids so that my natural hair can stay moisturized and strong as well. Every two to three weeks I would use Black N Sassy Fresh Braids braid stray to clean and my braids and to keep all the oil from caking up. I know this my be a thorough routine and contains a lot of oils, thats why you have to use each one in moderation and use just enough to cover the entire scalp. I wanted to share this with all women who have ethnic hair because we rarely find products for us that work, but these products have worked for me from experience. My hair has grown from my shoulder to a little past my bra in 2months. I know thats doesnt seem like a fast time but it was fast enough for me. Not only is my hair long, but its strong, thick, and healthy and has a lot of body and bounce to it. Everyone has products the work them and these worked for me, sometimes we expect too much from one product. Our hair is very fragile and we have to tend to its needs and make it grow by putting vitamins inside of us and taking care of the hair and scalp on the outside, buy treating it properly when its breaking off, and getting the ends trimmed. I hoped this information will help someone out. Wild Growth is a very good hair oil. Also my roommate used this on her hair when she had braids as well but she didnt use all the other products that I did and her hair still grow a nice length it went from her neck to a little past her shoulders. Good luck and don’t let the smell through you off too much, it can easily be covered up also you only need to use enough for your scalp and just massage it so that it will spread then the odor won’t be as strong. I would not recommed this product for caucasions or people with softer hair, this product is more for ethnic hair as the oil will weigh other hair typed down, however this is up to you.

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