Order “Toppik Hair Building Fiber Dark Brown 0.87 oz.”

Toppik Hair Building Fiber Dark Brown 0.87 oz.

  • Instantly Builds Your Hair With Natural Keratin Protein Fibers
  • Removes Easily With Any Shampoo
  • Adds Thickness And Fullness
  • Fibers Are 100% Colorfast
  • Ends Scalp Show-Through

Instantly eliminates the appearance of baldness and thinning hair in 30 seconds! Made of Keratin – the exact same protein that makes up human hair. Looks and feels 100% natural, even from 2 inches away. Stays on through rain, wind and perspiration, and it can’t possibly run, smear or stain. Removes easily with any shampoo.

List Price: $ 57.75

Price: $ 25.00

Alopecia affects hair growth and can lead to permanent hair loss. A dermatologist explains the causes, progression and treatment options

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  1. Curly Locks
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Regain Confidence, August 23, 2008

    This review is from: Toppik Hair Building Fiber Dark Brown 0.87 oz. (Health and Beauty)

    My hair is naturally curly but has been thinning for several years. It finally reached a point where it was noticeable. Being a woman in the performing arts I realized I needed to take action before it became too obvious. I started to use Minoxidil, thickening shampoos, and hair vitamins. My hair is healthier and there are signs things might be getting better. However, the process takes too long so I wanted something in the meantime that I could use to help me regain my confidence. I found it in Toppik. So easy to use and the results are immediate. I even went out in windy weather and wasn’t afraid that my thin spots would show. Whether or not the Minoxidil works, I know I can use this product for as long as I want and no one, not even my husband, notices! Get the 10 gram first to be sure you like it, but then go ahead and get the bigger bottles with holding fiber hairspray.

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  2. H. Perkins
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great for alopecia areata, November 14, 2010
    H. Perkins

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    This review is from: Toppik Hair Building Fiber Dark Brown 0.87 oz. (Health and Beauty)

    As a female with alopecia areata, this is the only product I’ve found that helps with bald spots and thinning spots.
    If you’re feeling weird about covering up your spots, you shouldn’t. This product blends into your real hair and it’s not noticable.
    It has done wonders for my confidence because I don’t constantly worry that I have a bald spot showing or have the feeling that people are staring at my hair. I use it almost every day.
    The only negative thing I can say about the product is that you can’t see in the bottle, so it’s hard to tell when you’re running low.

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  3. Nick I. Stargu "Truth Seeker"
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Need help hiding that balding spot? This will do the trick!, December 21, 2008
    Nick I. Stargu “Truth Seeker” (New Britain, CT USA) –

    This review is from: Toppik Hair Building Fiber Dark Brown 0.87 oz. (Health and Beauty)

    TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers…Dark Brown 25 grams
    As the aging process takes its toll, the 1st issue I’ve had was a gradual loss of hair on top towards the back. It was embarrassing to me showing signs of hair loss. So, with a refusal to admit loss of hair was in my vocabulary, I opted for the only product on the market that I could see noticeably results from. The product is called Toppik and is made by a company called Spencer Forest but can be purchased from a variety of Internet personal grooming companies. I use it daily, after drying my hair; it takes literally less than 1 minute to shake the powder substance on your balding area.
    I bring it with me when I get my haircut or styled and ask the stylist to apply it to the back of my head and each time they are amazed at the results. I have absolutely no connection with the manufacturer I only know that it works well for thousands of people, men and women, myself included, that have to deal with the same situation.
    It’s relatively inexpensive, price ranges from around $6 (travel size) to $80 (giant size). I usually use the economy size, which you can find for about $15 via Amazon. (It lasts about a month)
    Fighting the age dilemma is difficult enough, but this product can ease the pain a little.

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  4. bkisthebest123

    Had it for anout six mounths and gotten steroid injections every five weeks and still losing scalp hair

  5. @niblett31:We placed a free Naturopathic Approach for Alopecia on our channel in the comment section.

  6. AuxentiusZ

    I’m very sorry to hear your situation. The main reason a chemo drug can cause permanent hair loss is that it has killed all the fast-growing cells in the area, the sort that form hair folicles. (This is why you lost hair to begin with, in order to kill the fast growing cancer it has the shotgun effect of targeting everything that grows fast.) Usually this is temporary and ceases to be an issue after the treatments are finished, but as you know sometimes it can be permanent.

  7. thewaterfalloflove

    Sorry but dermatologists are a joke. I was kept on medication for years for my acne by a dermatologist who told me my diet had nothing to do with it so I should eat what I wanted. I was drinking soda, eating pizza, dairy, fried foods, candy, etc. I got so fed up that my dermatologist could not get rid of my acne that I changed my diet drastically to see what would happen. In 30 days I was cured of my acne and never had it again. I stopped all medication and never went back to the quack!

  8. multidudeman104

    im 15 and have had alopecia my whole life and its that experience as a child that helps u cope with it and makes u stronger

    yours sincerely
    some guy with alopecia

  9. BiGGraff100

    Its alot harder than I would have ever imagined.

  10. BiGGraff100

    I was just diagnosed. Alopecia Aereta, Is anyone a member of Alopecia World? My name is David AG Graff…feel free to request me

  11. I am 13 and I have had this since birth and never had hair and they say I will be like this for the rest of my life

  12. sandeAKA1

    i was diagnosed two days ago i have two spots that are joined 3 by 6 and I’m fearful that i will have the second stage (complete baldness) but i love the fact that i might have a chance to go fully bald by shaving. Ive always felt women that had to do that or needed to always glow a beautiful glow….i hope to be as beautiful one day too…keep your heads up..its gonna be hard.

  13. PanNarrans

    When I was 13 I lost every single strand of hair on my body and it took a full year before I was told why it was happening. Everyone at school thought I had aids or something and wouldn’t come near me. It was pretty rough.
    It got better though. You have to be able to make fun of it, laugh at yourself. And let your close friends know that they’re allowed to poke fun at you as well, within reason. The more comfortable you are with the situation, the less people actually notice.

  14. crazymcl1234

    I don’t know if this will help or hurt, but my had alopecia and she lost all the hair on her head for many years, i dont know the exact number but i think it was close to 20, then one day it came back and now she has a full head of hair. Also technology is getting so much better and we live in an exponential age of development particularly here in America, so it seems pretty likely that some sort of comprehensive treatment will be created within the next 10 years, im not basing that off anythin

  15. tahakilla

    I have it and i cover it up all the time, im ashamed…:( is ugly..

  16. Your right my mom has it and she is beautiful with or with out it. Its like shaving your head you dont need hair to be who you are..Dont let hair slow you down from living your life

  17. I’m 14 and i have Alopecia, it sucks…
    But atleast I’m not bald from cancer or anything bad..
    Plus i thought i used to look bad with hair, so i guess it’s ok.
    And for the girls with Alopecia…I just wanna say, you look beautiful no matter what, so don’t wear wigs, they’re ugly.

  18. mauren313

    I have it and im 14 i pretty much lost all my hair but my eye lashes and it really sucks and i agree most people don’t know how hair is really important. All my friends say its not that hard but it really is. Really sucks but i guess what you live threw makes you stronger.

  19. LilMissXSmiley32

    im 16 and ive had this for 5 years. its hard on me a lot of the time, but i realize it makes me a stronger person and for that im thankful.
    im still praying it’ll grow back, but when it does it does…

  20. ShirleyLedlie

    People do not realise how important your hair is till its gone. Its so distressing.
    I had the chemo drug Taxotere, i was told it would grow back because the drugs company sanofi Aventis hush -up this side effect .
    I have been told its permanent, i would have chosen another chemo had i known.
    This is now happening to many women.
    So, what how does a chemo drug prevent hair growing back?
    Whats being done to help people with Alopecia? Its a terrible, terrible thing to live with.

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