Organic African American hair decline at temples and leading?

Issue by Unique1: Normal African American hair decline at temples and top?
I am an African American lady and I decided to go natural about 6 months in the past. I suffer from a pores and skin issue that prevents me from employing a vast range of products on my hair owing to allergic reactions. For the duration of the time when this issue started I experienced hair loss on my temples and in the top of my hair. I’ve tried a number of items but absolutely nothing really appears to perform. I cant use anything large or harsh so if any individual has any ideas then i would significantly recognize them. I am thinking about having Biotin for hair and beginning an exercising routine also if you have any guidelines on that.

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Response by Adlyn M
I am extremely sorry but biotin will not actually aid unless your deficient in biotin in the 1st place. If you are then it will work with growing hair.

My recommendation would be natural solutions.
1)health supplements:
-Chlorella (stimulates development and thickness introduce this into your method slowly and gradually it detoxes)
-PABA (Utilised for graying hair)
-silica (retains hair looking shiny and smooth)
-VIT B Complex (B Natural vitamins ARE Important FOR Expansion OF HAIR)
-Unsaturated fatty Acids (primrose oil,linseed oil)(Boosts hair texture, helps prevent dry, brittle hair)
-PANTOTHENIC ACID (B5) Helps sustain hair
-vitamin b6 improves progress
-INOSITOL stimulates progress
-NIACIN (B3) helps hair take up vitamins
-VITAMIN C increases scalp circulation
-VITAMIN E increases scalp circulation, hair progress and oxygen to cells
-ZINC promotes hair expansion by maximizing immune function
-COPPER CHELATE works with zinc to help in hair development
-COENZYME Q10 improves scalp circulation,increases tissue oxygenation
-KELP supplies minerals for hair growth
-GH (Progress HORMONE) stimulates progress
-Pregnenolone stimulates mobile progress


-L-CYSTEINE improves hair development and texture
-L-METHIONINE helps avert hair from slipping out
-GLUTATHIONE stimulates pores and skin, glands and soft tissue
-OMITHINE releases development hormone

3) herbs for progress

-birch leaves
-calendula (Marigold)
-dwarf nettle
-maiden hair
-peppermint (Pure peppermint oil needs to be diluted with a carrier oil such as olive oil)
-wormwood if worms in scalp is a factor

4)food for development
-romaine lettuce
-sesame seeds

The very best time to consider natural vitamins is in the course of the working day, following a meal.

By no means take dietary supplements on an vacant belly – they will quickly move out in your urine. This is especially true for the B and C nutritional vitamins that dissolve in water.

Although every single of the scientifically confirmed therapies for hair decline and hair thinning explained in this report is a perhaps promising hair re-development remedy, none of the therapies can be called a permanent remedy to hair decline or hair thinning. Every single treatment method for hair loss must be utilized diligently over a offered time period of time just before initial progress outcomes materialize, and even then as soon as re-expansion has happened, each hair loss and thinning treatment method have to be continued indefinitely in get to keep outcomes. As of this writing, science has basically not offered us with a feasible, long term scientifically verified resolution or remedy for hair decline or hair thinning issues.

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  1. You can make your own hair tea or growth oil and massage it into the scalp nightly. Here is my recipe that I’m currently using:

    Hair Tea:
    Peppermint Tea Bags
    Rosemary Tea Bags or fresh Rosemary leaves
    Horsetail capsules (open the capsules) I use this one because I couldn’t find plain horsetail powder

    Bring some water to a boil. Place in 4 peppermint tea bags, a couples sprigs of rosemary and open about 10-15 horsetail capsules. Let the tea steep. The longer the better. Get a spray bottle from the Dollar Store. Pour the tea into the bottle. The only downside to the hair tea is that you have to keep it refrigerated or it will be bad. Use a light spritz in the morning and in the evening.

    Growth Oil:
    Olive Oil, Castor Oil, or Coconut Oil (whichever you have on hand or you can mix all 3)
    Rosemary Essential oil
    Lavendar Essential oil
    Peppermint Essential Oil
    Clary Sage Essential Oil

    I don’t have exact measurements. I usually just fill a bottle with olive oil and add the drops of essential oil to that. This mix is very light and doesn’t weigh the hair down. CAUTION: The Rosemary is very strong so use a light hand with it.