Organic Hair: My Recent Regimen for My Alopecia

This video is an update on my thinning edges/ hair decline and my current routine to develop it back. I will be incorporating in emu oil and jamaican black castor oil at some point.
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  1. HonduGari

    +beautifrohair Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. I have a
    question about androgenetic alopecia that I would like to inbox you about.
    Im not quite sure how to do this. Please send me a message if you can, when
    time permits. Thanks in advance :))

  2. yes I agree, you are beautiful, hair or no hair. thank you for being brave
    and positive regarding your edges, and it does not look so bad. your video
    is helpful, because I am not thinning around my edges and I don’t know why
    yet, and thanks for your tips, and do update us.

  3. alicia trotter

    Your spirit is as beautiful as your smile! Thank you for your bravery. As
    black women we are raised to believe that our hair is our glory, so to lose
    it can be devastating. I have suffered some traction alopecia but
    thankfully I am seeing some new growth. Your knowledge will be helpful to a
    lot of us. Thank you again and stay positive.

  4. BizRiver

    You’re beautiful! Even if you shaved your head bald you would be quite

  5. Maureen Bamfoagyei

    I am struggling with edges and have seen your progress. Can you give tips
    on how grow my edges. I have used several products including Jbco, virgin
    hair fertilizer to mention a few.

  6. kechanda harris

    How is it going with your hair because I have that kind of problem. What
    are you doing now?

  7. Iyauna Shaniece

    I meant to say what kind of shots?

  8. Juanita X

    Gurl, you are so pretty. Making your own wig…that’s talent. Thx for the

  9. Iyauna Shaniece

    Wow what kind of shits were you getting from the dermatologist, because
    that is my next step is going to the dermatologist. Please let me know.