organic treatments for hair decline/slide, pimples also.?

Query by Ashley A: all-natural solutions for hair loss/drop, pimples as well.?
Is there any all-natural treatments for hair decline/drop, coz everytime is comb and get a bathtub is just alot of hair came off me and my scalp is obvious currently.

how bout pimples it keeps on coming again typically on my nose and its distressing!!!! i need to have some normal remedies, make sure you support thanks

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Solution by Do O
consume carrots

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  1. One of the easiest ways to put a halt to hair loss is to change your diet.
    eating a diet full or junk food or low in vitamins and proteins will have an adverse effect on your hair.
    The first thing you should do is to ensure you eat a diet rich in vitamins and proteins. People who go on crash diets and do not eat properly suffer great hair loss because of lack of vital vitamins, proteins and minerals.
    you should take hair growth pills or hair supplements as well. They have all the vitamins, proteins and minerlas you need for your hair that you may be missing. Good ones also contain DHT blockers.
    DHT is the main cause of hair fall and the blockers act to stop it being made or attacking your hair follicles.
    You should also take a close look at your shampoo. Some shampoos are not only bad for your hair but bad for your scalp too and do not help at all. Since you are already losing hair I would change to a hair loss shampoo that looks after your hair.

  2. Everyone is different, but this website might be able to answer your question better than I can – I know it has worked for a few people I know. And they have a free trial on right now that you can take advantage of. Hope it helps…

  3. I noticed that you are looking for natural remedies and was wondering if you are looking for the natural remedies because you don’t want to spend a lot of money on products that don’t really work – which is totally understandable – or simply because you don’t want to use bad chemicals.
    Well if its the money then I just wanted to point out two products for your acne and hair loss (which I really can recommend by personal experience) that you can get a free trial and see if the treatment works for you, and if it doesn’t then you can just move on to the next remedy.

    Keep in mind that loosing 50-100 hairs daily is normal and probably isn’t a problem but if your scalp is showing then I recommend taking action rather sooner than later – baldness has serious affect on ones self esteem and confidence and I don’t wish that upon anyone.
    The results of products vary from one individual to another because each human body is unique with unique levels of hormones, chemicals, and enzymes.

    First of all there is Provillus for hair loss. It’s the only hair loss treatment on the marked with FDA approved ingredient. For more information visit

    Secondly I would like to point Acnezine out to you for your pimples. For more information on that visit

    The results of products vary from one individual to another because each human body is unique with unique levels of hormones, chemicals, and enzymes.

    Really hope you figure out a way to cure these problems! Regards, Auður.

  4. Here’s some natural remedies for hair loss that I found for you:

    1. Massage the scalp with uncooked egg yolk, leave for 1 hour and wash.

    2. Smear Red Henna on the scalp and wait for 1 hour, then wash, Repeat for 10-14 days. Beware- your hair will turn red from the henna!

    3. Smear castor oil on the scalp and the hair roots but not on the hair, wrap the hair with a newspaper, tie with a cloth and leave overnight, wash in the morning. Repeat every 7-10 days (results will come after 6-7 treatments).

    Yemeni natural remedy:
    Soak Greek (Hilba) in deep pot of water throughout the night. Massage the liquid into the scalp and wrap with a cloth for 3 hours. Repeat everyday for 1 month.

    Home remedy for hair loss:
    Boil 1 cup of water, add 1 teaspoon of mustard seeds, cook for 5 minutes, cool and drink.

    Herbal cure for hair loss:
    Blanch scented geranium leaves in boiling water, strain, cool and use to wash the hair.

    Let me know if this information was helpful! 🙂

  5. For hair loss look at possible causes yourself so you can work on dealing with them yourself, as well as with the help of your doctor. Normally you’d look at stress as a possible cause, if you do suffer from stress address that and try to avoid stressful situations or plan ahead to be able to deal with them better. As a note B-vitamins are helpful for dealing with stress, as too is St. Johns Wort although it can’t be taken if you are using oral contraceptives as it can make them less effective. Hormones are another aspect, an underactive thyroid gland can lead to reduction in production of the hormone thyroxine – iodine-rich foods can help. Diet is a big factor, if you have a poor diet including using fad diets, have recently become vegetarian or suffer from an eating disorder these will all seriously effect your hair, specifically a sudden drop in iron or too much vitamin A. For healthy hair keep a healthy diet with a lot of protein-rich foods such as fish, chicken, dairy, pulses and nuts – multivitamins can be helpful, so too can flaxseed oil in capsule form taken daily.

    I’m a strong advocate for head massage, it improves health of your hair and scalp through improved circulation, and this will also help with hair loss. Mix together 2 drops basil essential oil, 2 drops rosemary essential oil and 10ml of avocado oil, pop it in a little dark glass bottle then when ready to use it heat the bottle up in a bowl of warm water. Before washing your hair massage this mix into your scalp in small, gentle circular motions and leave for 30 minutes – it’s easy to do and will help, it’s worth trying for the hair loss and will improve your hairs health in general.

    For spots then I LOVE OCM as washes strip away natural oils which actually causes skin to produce more oil which clogs pores, instead Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) maintains natural oils keeping skin healthy so prevents acne. For OCM mix half extra virgin olive oil to moisturize and half castor oil to cleanse, also try adding a little tea tree oil which is antibacterial. Massage into your face then put a hot face cloth over your face for a minute to open pores, then wipe off oil, any trace amounts are absorbed into skin so won’t be greasy. Be sure to use your own face cloth and towel, keeping them clean and dry to avoid bacterial growth, also follow cleansing with moisturizing, as long as it’s not greasy it won’t cause spots instead it’ll keep skin healthy – remembering oil is good for skin try Bio Oil to moisturize and heal scars.

    Once a week steam to open pores, do this by putting your head over hot water with a towel over it, but don’t do this dueing breakouts as it stimulates blood flow and oil glands. Exfoliate weekly to scrub off dead skin, use something with rounded beads to avoid damage to your skin which can cause more spots, or you may want to try cosmetic vinegar which also promotes circulation, regulates skins pH and is antiseptic. Mix 500ml of apple cider vinegar, 3ml lavender essential oil, 3ml rosemary essential oil, 2ml rosewood essential oil, and 2 tablespoons glycerine, place into a glass bottle, use as cleanser by adding 1 tablespoon vinegar to 1 cup of water. Try masks too, there are many easy recipes online, see Make Your Own Cosmetics or Pioneer Thinking try this strawberry acne mask; mix together ½ cup fresh strawberries, 1 egg white, and 2 teaspoons of honey until smooth. To use spread over face and leave for 15 minutes, rinse off with cool water and pat dry. This one is good as strawberries are rich in salicylic acid which is commonly used in acne treatments, honey is also antibacterial.

    Keep yourself healthy, diet is a big factor so get a healthy diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables and lots of water, but also avoid salty foods as iodine aggravates acne, also try a good multivitamin – vitamins A, B6, zinc and chromium help to clean up acne (FYI chromium also helps suppress sugar cravings). Get plenty of exercise, sleep and stay stress-free, also pay particular attention to skin during harsh weather when it’s more prone to damage, that includes using sunscreen at all times. Make-up isn’t a problem if you use mineral foundation which has great coverage but doesn’t clog pores, also keep your make-up clean as dirty sponges or hands in make-up will cause bacteria which in turn causes spots. Avoid products like hairsprays with synthetic polymers such as vinyl or other plastics, that is because if it gets onto the skin on your face, as it does if spraying all over your head even if aiming for your hair, it will clog pores particularly where there are larger pores such as on the chin or mouth.