Outdoor cat relocating indoor for a handful of months then transferring again outside the house?

Query by clarissa: Out of doors cat shifting indoor for a couple of weeks then moving back outside the house?
My 9 yr previous cat is shedding his hair so we are gonna preserve him inside for a handful of weeks ( i would maintain him within without end ,but my dad and mom wont enable me 🙁 I anxious about maintaining him inside of for 2 months then letting him go back again outside the house. We consider he is excessively grooming due to the fact my mother and father got three new cats and he use to be the only cat we experienced. Iam genuinely freaked out since this is my baby and i cant envision losing him. I would be sooo frustrated if i missing him

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Response by Dawn
I recommed you just take your Cat to a vet to be checked out..
Cat getting rid of hair is a condition known as cat alopecia. There are a lot of achievable causes for hair loss in a cat, some of them significant and some of them not so significant. If your cat has hair loss, you must just take her to the vet for a diagnosis and treatment.
Cat Alopecia Symptoms
Alopecia normally leads to patches of hair loss. The place of the hair reduction will support with the analysis.
Your cat may have other signs, as well. Her pores and skin may be crimson or infected exactly where the hair is slipping out. She might be scratching or licking people places. Diagnosis for a Cat Losing Hair and Treatment
. Your vet will begin with a complete actual physical test. He or she may do a quantity or specific exams, this sort of as blood exams, a urinalysis, inspecting your cat’s pores and skin underneath a unique gentle, scraping her skin for some cells to examine under a microscope, and/or a pores and skin biopsy.

Cat skin allergy symptoms are a typical trigger of a cat losing hair.
Flea dermatitis can cause cat alopecia.
The hair decline for flea-bite hypersensitivity is typically in the back again 50 % of your cat and areas exactly where your cat can’t very easily achieve.

Feline Alopecia and Cat Thyroid Ailment
Hair reduction can be a symptom of a thyroid disorder called hyperthyroidism. A blood check can establish if your cat’s thyroid is functioning effectively. If not, your cat may possibly require medical procedures to remove component of the thyroid gland.
Cat Pores and skin Fungus (Dermatophytosis)
Cat getting rid of hair because of to pores and skin fungus is usually contracted when your cat comes in make contact with with fungus spores in the filth or on yet another animal. The fungus attaches alone to the hair or pores and skin. Indications of infection are seen in between two to four weeks soon after exposure. Fungus prefers lifeless cells this sort of as hair and nails and stops spreading when it comes in contact with wholesome skin.
The most visible symptom of pores and skin fungus is brittle regions or patches of hair which will appear the the hair has been intently shaved in the area affected.
Signs in kittens incorporate purple locations that can be seen on your cat’s paw, experience and ear. These regions may look like they have a crust that is grey/white in shade, covered in damp searching scabs or
The spot may possibly build a skinny, grayish white crust or a thick, moist scab. The region may or may possibly not be itchy. Your kitten may possibly unfold the fungus all over the entire body when grooming.
Your veterinarian’s diagnosis will be based mostly on a skin examination. Remedy possibilities consist of anti-fungal shampoos and creams.
Cat Psychogenic Dermatitis
Ultimately, there is psychogenic dermatitis. This is a issue is which cats lick by themselves excessively, causing hair decline. It might be caused by anxiousness, stress, or boredom. If attainable, the resource of stress need to be relieved, but sometimes habits modification medicine is essential.
These are the most widespread triggers of cat alopecia. There are other, much rarer causes, but your vet will look into these triggers initial.
Other Brings about of Cat Getting rid of Hair or Cat Alopecia:
A cat can also free its’ hair due when having particular drugs (acknowledged as antimitotic medication) or when the human body is underneath tension from a serious illness. Other stresses on your cat’s body these kinds of as fever, shock or surgery can also lead to the hair to cease developing within one to 3 months of the issue. If you can recognize any of these as the trigger of the hair decline, then the difficulty ought to sooner or later mend itself, particularly if your cat is no longer using a drug that induced the dilemma

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