Ovarian cyst and extreme hair decline?

Issue by S K: Ovarian cyst and extreme hair decline?
I’ve been getting rid of a whole lot of hair for the past 12 months–literally fifty percent of my hair is misplaced. I identified out 3 mths ago that I have an ovarian cyst. My blood results are regular now, however they were a minor irregular at initial.About two months after the 1st take a look at and the blood outcomes magically grew to become normal. Do cysts go absent? Does any individual know how and/or when the hair reduction will cease? It is absolutely depressing me, especially considering that I have been to the dermatologist and he just advisable Lidex and Nizoral shampoo, which did not aid at all. I have a large sum of hair slipping every single day, but when I wash my hair (about 2-3 times a week) double the volume comes out and even much more arrives out after I comb my hair following washing it. I do not know how much a lot more optimistic I could keep. I maintain reassuring myself that it will end before long, but I am just scared of heading bald.Must I get retested?Durations are basically typical now .I have obtained 25lbs in abt 1 yr, possibly owing to the cyst. Please aid if u can.

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Answer by daisy_d87
i dont believe hair loss is linked to the cyst but i could be wrong. i was diagnosed with a cyst as nicely but i drop my hair everytime I am pressured.. mention this to your GYN and see what she suggests. Ideal of luck.

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  1. Yes, cysts can go away. I agree with another poster; your hair loss could be due to stress. Are you using minoxidol? It actually promotes hair growth and was recommended to one of my girlfriends when she experienced stress-related hair loss. It’s OTC. Hers went away as soon as her rotten husband did (in other words, the hair loss stopped when her stress lowered). Best of luck.

  2. kittenkatt79

    Do you have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)? If so, hair loss is common with this disease (as well as hair growth on other areas of your body). Weight gain, particularly around the midsection, is also a symptom of PCOS. If you have PCOS you should be getting treated, usually with birth control pills taken continuously – over time this usually helps with hair loss (and excessive hair in other places). I’ve heard that Yaz, taken continuously is great for those with PCOS. You should definitely talk to your doctor about this. You don’t want to talk to the dermatologist about PCOS, you need to talk to your gynecologist or primary care physician.