Overall hair loss during chemotherapy?

Question by iidiIlllsIadhhIccciiijhilllIIIIIIIII((: Complete hair decline in the course of chemotherapy?
Beginning chemotherapy before long and I was advised that I could anticipate complete hair decline. Epirubicin is element of the regimen thats dependable. Does anybody have expertise with this? How extended does it just take to commence slipping out, and how lengthy did it just take to totally tumble out? Was it difficult for you? – I really feel this will be one of the hardest factors to go via for me as my hair is my favourite attribute of myself. How extended did it consider to develop back again?

Also, did you lose your eyebrows and eyelashes? ):

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Response by msrosey
I went thru six + months of chemo though i didnt lose all my hair (I have extremely quite thick hair) it was really thin and i experienced bald places i experienced to brush my hair in the sink so it wouldnt get everywhere. I did get rid of my all my hair all over my human body. Dropping my hair was the most difficult component of the chemo simply because im like you I really like my hair..but dont fret it will come back reasonably fast. I would like now i would have just shaved it all off it would have been a good deal easier and not as tough on me watching it all drop out. I was continually cutting it to where I sooner or later experienced a boy haircut. I did nevertheless have a good deal of fun with wigs. Dont worry you will be fantastic its going to suck but just bear in mind all factors come to pass.

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  1. I was on Carboplaten and Etoposide and had virtually total hair loss.

    Hair on my head, eyelashes, eyebrows, nasal hair, ear hair, pubic hair, underarm hair and 90% of hair on my arms & legs.

    I had enough hair left on my limbs to go “ouch” when tape holding IV in place was removed.

    My hair loss started about 2 weeks after my first treatment and was complete within about 48 hours.

    I shed a few tears as handfulls were falling out as I sat on my sofa, then went out and got some great hats and scarves and some temporary tattoo stickers in flowers, rainbows and butterflys to decorate my head.