Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

Query by Chelle: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?
I diagnosed myself at property due to infertility, a lot more body hair than normal girl, quick weight obtain, some hair reduction on my head, and I really feel like im cramping all the time, with out a interval. I don’t have well being care, but knowing these things makes me so depressed, I don’t know what to do. What i am hunting for is at-home therapy, or free of charge healthcare advice/ clinics (not planned parenthood, they never take care of this i never think)

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Answer by starry_eyes11
The remedy for PCOS is usually beginning management drugs. And prepared parenthood does do that. Attempt that. I have had a few ovarian cysts in 4 years on birth control, and almost certainly would have experienced many a lot more if I hadn’t been on beginning handle. My sister has had fairly a few. If the birth control doesn’t assist, consider to see a genuine doctor and get genuine aid.

Very good luck.

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  1. I have PCOS and the only thing that my doctor did that you cant do without medical advice is diagnose me. I was put on birth control pills and that is all. Birth control pills are used to make sure that you do have a monthly bleed. Without this, you could get very backed up and it can cause many problems down the line. BC will not fix or cure PCOS, all it does it mask some of the symptoms.

    One thing that is very simple that helps PCOS is eating right and excersising. Losing some of the rapid weight that you gained and lowering your body fat will help tremendously with PCOS. Since it is caused by an insulin resistance, being as healthy as possible lessens the resistance.

    There is also a drug, meteformin- this is the technical term, the brand name is something different- that is used for diabetes but has been showing good results for PCOS women as well. I am currently looking into it myself and hopefully my doctor will write me a prescription. (Now im not sure if you would be able to get this without medical treatment but i thought id let you know.)

    My best advice is to do lots of research about PCOS online, and join soulcysters web site. The site has a great message board and the women are all dealing with PCOS. Good luck!

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