Possible reason for Sudden loss of hair?

Query by chihiro345: Attainable reason for Unexpected loss of hair?
I have a cousin who is fourteen additionally a long time old now. Just lately, she instructed me that her hair started out to drop all of a unexpected and it has been lasting for about a month already. She also explained that when she is washing her hair, a whole lot of hair came off.
She also described that some areas of her scalp is itchy but she has no dandruff at all.

Is it feasible that she has eaten some foodstuff that cause her hair loss all of a unexpected? or is it since of scalp allergy (if there is this sort of thing)? Or is it due to the fact of other factors?


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Answer by Anne Caley
Hair decline may occur if male or feminine hormones, identified as androgens and estrogens, are out of equilibrium. A unexpected actual physical or emotional tension could cause one-fifty percent to a few-quarters of the hair during your scalp to get rid of (named Telogen effluvium). You will recognize hair coming out in handfuls even though you shampoo, comb, or operate your palms via your hair.And also one of the far more serious hair loss brings about is a problem known as alopecia which can be caused by several causes from inherited genes to medication.

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