Postal order “Nisim Oil Free Conditioner for Hair Loss (240ml) – NISIMCOND”

Nisim Oil Free Conditioner for Hair Loss (240ml) – NISIMCOND

  • Reduce hair loss
  • reduce dht
  • promote hair regrowth
  • Grow hair faster
  • All Natural Ingredients

No Side Effect
Non Minoxidil

List Price: $ 13.99

Price: $ 13.99

This is day 1 of my hair journey, as you guys may or may not know, i’m suffering from baldness, so i’m trying to restore my hair and grow it out.

eyebrow alopecia

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  1. Its called MPB. No conditioner or shampoo kills your hair, or helps you get it back. Its actually genes. Like yourself I suffer from it too. My dad didn’t have this issue till he was 50. On the contrary, my started 10 years when I was 17 and it kept getting worst. However, a good temporary solution is to use dermmatch. It actually makes a big difference.

  2. Try a Biotin supplement-it’s pretty cheap at Target/Walmart. My sister starting taking it like 2 years ago for her brittle hair, and you can definitely see a difference now… I know it helps with thinning hair too.

  3. @kldgg2 haha! i’ve been thinking recently. if i grow out my hair and it just doesnt work out. i want to try that salt and peppered hair color. If i look like im aging why not embrace it with grey white and black hair lol!

  4. @teehwanee omgosh everytime i put on my conditioner i think back to your comment and restrain myself from putting too much! thank you!!

  5. @f1ak011 i really really appreciate your feedback! yea totally i’ll take your advice. I didnt even realize that i’ve been stressed but i’ve been having a lot of symptoms due to my stress. But i’m all better now ^_^ thanks again

  6. @TheSouthOfTheCity you know what i totally just saw that on the store the other day. i’m thinking of using that when i run out of my other products. and thank you ^_^

  7. @oXoCHaaDRockWelloXo yea but when else am i ever going to grow out my hair. the longer i wait the more i’ll bald HAHA

  8. no p.p. leave your hair short and shaved it looks way better and u look really hot like that but yeah good luck with your hair journey hope it goes well …oh and use main and tell thats what i use and it works really well so yeah

  9. My husband tried a caffeine shampoo which I think made his hair thicker for a while. Good luck with it!!!! Just know it’s not a problem, I would never have said or noticed you were balding. X

  10. Also I’ve been looking for this supplement called viviscal but no luck finding it here in manila. But anyway you already look great even without the hair 🙂

  11. I share the same problem with hair loss/balding. It’s in my genes so it reallyy sucks coz I have a very high forehead to begin with. Hehe.. Anyway I have been using argan oil for 3 months now and it works. My hair is a lot thicker and less oily (which is weird because I’m using oil to combat it hehe) and no more dandruff.

  12. the only 2 prooven hair loss treatments are rogaine and propecia a pill that you get by prescription if i were you i wouldnt use any of them

    rogaine you have to use for life without stopping and propecia lowers your libido which i still suffer from the side effects a bit

    my honest advice is dont bother with shampoos or any scam and i wouldnt use rogaine or propecia either , i would lower my stress as much and go to your pharmacy and buy a natural pill called saw palmento

  13. as someone who knows a lot about hair loss im gonna break it down for you

    1. stopping to exercise dosnt cause hair loss , using any certain type of shampoo wont cause hair loss either

    its simply genes at one point in life it happens to most of us
    dont stress though theres a lot of people who are going through hair loss now if you havnt noticed

    2. not to be negative but that dove shampoo or vitamins arent gonna do nothing for your hair , theyll help health wise but hair nothing

  14. Good luck on your hair journey! 🙂
    But just a little tip, try not to get too much conditioner on your scalp! It can make your scalp break out 🙂

  15. I bleached my hair so much, I should be the one balding…If it doesn’t work out, I sincerely think you can work the bald look!

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