Postal order “PHYTO Phytolium 4 thinning hair treatment 12 vials”

PHYTO Phytolium 4 thinning hair treatment 12 vials

  • Extends hair’s life cycle
  • Prevents hair thinning
  • Supports healthy hair growth
  • Strengthens and adds density
  • Contains, Energizing botanical concentrate

12 Vials at .118 fl. oz.
Innovation thinning hair treatment with CapicellPro
Energizing Botanical Concentrate
Extends hair’s life cycle
Prevents hair thinning
Supports healthy hair growth
Strengthens and adds density
Innovative research in biotechnology, Phytolium®4 is the first treatment of thinning hair using Capicellpro, a botanical complex developed to protect hair follicle cells.
Endorsed by 4 Patents, this energizing botanical concentrate facilitates healthy hair growth and thickens the diameter of each hair strand.
Prevents Hair Thinning
Serenoa extract inhibits the 5a-reductase, which is responsible for hair thinning. Essential oils of sage cajeput, rosemary, lemon, and cypress boast

List Price: $ 60.00

Price: $ 48.00

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  1. langebrenda

    Love your sense of humor-to thin? Hug them?? Love it! 🙂

  2. RaylaTarotReader

    I’m very sorry that someone was rude to you. You are SO generous with us. And I think you AGAIN for your generosity.

  3. CrystallineAscension

    I love you Dr. Morse and your Staff.

  4. kelvinyany

    Dr Morse, for non partner YourTube account, the videos are not limited to just 10mins each, you can go up to 15mins. Just an FYI

  5. NeoWolfStar

    Since it’s now drug into a public forum,

    Dr. Morse missed the point.
    What I wrote was about his response’s content.
    My Wife wrote a message about her ailments, asking for advice. Instead, she was left in tears, feeling like he considered her hopeless.
    It was a “You were hosed by your doctors, I feel for you, just keep strokin'” kind of response, ended with an “it’s just your body” comment

    I don’t believe anyone has written in wanting to be left feeling like a lost cause

    Rick Campbell

  6. ExoticCalli

    Dr. Morse you are doing an incredible job of educating us all!!!

    Thank-you for sharing all of your vast knowledge so freely and openly!!!

  7. jackdoe234

    Kind Doctor, I love how the videos are getting longer and longer! Thank you so much <3

  8. Dear Dr. Morse, Thank you so much for stating the facts. YOU and YOUR STAFF are amazing and wonderful and so full of love. Since your first day, you made it clear what to do. I am so grateful to you and your staff.
    So much love to you and your staff.

  9. Rick Camble needs more than meditation he needs a colonic! How rude! I can not believe this! I am so mad but I will not stoop to this dude’s level. I hope people respect Dr. Morse and realize that he is doing us a favor just for putting these videos.

  10. CuriousTOknow1

    Have been on medication, because at some point i was so bad(acid eating my body), i was reaching for esophageal cancer(last stage barrett). I fought it back, and revert the stages. Deep down i knew, it was the acid(i am(was) an athlete, realized my neurotransmitters were dead at some point), improved my diet, vitamins, fish oils.. But I understand because of my chronic case(fatigue for years), needed to go all in (100%). Stopped the medication after 2 years(no reflux). thank you

  11. SustainablyGreen

    Dr. Morse, I wish I had the words to describe my utmost gratitude for your kindness. I know you understand that it will return to you many fold. We all have feelings, but I know you rest comfortably knowing this.

  12. jackdoe234

    @CuriousTOknow, have you tried drinking celery juice to help with the reflux?

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