Powerful and cheap medicine for hair decline ?

Question by : Efficient and inexpensive medicine for hair reduction ?
I am 28 years outdated and loosing my hair. I have also missing my confidence stage. Does anybody know any effective medicine for hair decline?

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Solution by Akri E
distinct shampoo – hair fall lower.

the very best point difficult is fruits and veg. have faith in me.

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  1. Based on my experience i can suggest you to get propecia from dealgeneric.com
    I am using it for a month now and satisfied with results and no side effects yet.


  2. hi eric, before you go for any treatment make sure that the treatment will serve your purpose. you must know the actual cause of hair hair fall problem.

    generally, natural ingredients which can help to prevent hair loss you may try saw palmetto or herbal medicine contain saw palmetto.

    you also can go for hair loss products which come with Minoxidil. minoxidil is clinically proven to help regrow hair and stop hair loss.

  3. Dr. Alice W

    as we know – hair loss can be caused by many different reasons! There are many causes of loss of hair such as stress, poor nutrition ,medications, thyroid dysfunctions, illness, fungal infections, hormonal problems, to mention a few.

    year ago my husband suffered very much from dandruff and hair loss too and he started trying everything you can imagine to stop his hair loss. the things that really worked for him was:

    1) Vitamin A – an anti-oxidant which promotes healthy production of sebum in the scalp;

    2) Vitamin E stimulates circulation. Good blood circulation in the scalp is important in keeping hair follicles productive. The ‘B’ vitamins contribute to melanin, which gives hair its healthy color and also stimulates blood circulation;

    3) massage is also beneficial. Massage stimulates circulation. As already noted, good circulation in the scalp keeps hair follicles active. Experts suggest a few minutes of daily head massage by hand. Circulation through massage may be improved by using a few drops of lavender or bay essential oil in an almond or sesame oil base with massage;

    4) Try rubbing your scalp with garlic juice, Onion Juice or Ginger Juice (you can either of one out of three, Do not mix any of two or three);

    5) also he used herbal treatment – Provilluss (do not use Rogaine – it can cause unwanted hair growth elsewhere on the body)

    It is a good product that helps prevent hair loss and contains Biotin and the clinically tested ingredients approved by the FDA to help re-grow your hair. I think it is very important!

    It worked and still works for him!

  4. Hi

    There are many reasons to why men and women loss hair. hormonal problems and stress is one of the reasons. But the biggest reason for men losing there hair is DHT.

    DHT (dihydrotestostrone) is derived from androgen, a male hormone. As the androgen circulates through the bloodstream, it is converted to DHT by the enzyme, 5-alpha reductase. DHT tends to bind to hair follicle receptors, causing the follicles to sprout thinner and thinner hairs until nothing regrows, and the follicles eventually wither away.

    One naturally drug called provillus is suppose to help.


    They even have a two month supply for free.

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