Problem for transsexual ladies?

Problem by British Mr Dot: Problem for transsexual ladies?
Hey there i’m a FTM and due to the fact of wellness motives i have to halt testosterone treatment method which signifies my entire body will as soon as yet again generate feminine hormones.

During my time on testosterone i have knowledgeable some diffuse hair decline and i was asking yourself for these transsexual ladies who also had hair loss prior to starting up feminine hormones no matter whether they experienced any regrowth of hairs or did their remaining hair thicken up any by employing feminine hormones?


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Solution by Manymanyanimals
I myself can’t response your problem but I would like to refer you to a physician Marcy Bower. She is located in Trinidad. There is also a film that you ought to observe called Trinidad and that might aid answer a lot of inquiries you may have.*

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  1. As I stated on your other posting: In general estrogen does help restore hair somewhat.

    ManyMany: It would have been helpful to explain that Trinidad is in Colorado. And Marci (my surgeon) spells her name with an “i”.

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