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ALOPECIA AREATA: A scientific overview (Postgraduate Medication)

Unexpected loss of wonderful clumps of hair can be devastating, particularly to youngsters and youthful grown ups–the groups most usually affected by alopecia areata. Remedy is generally helpful but typically gradual and at times discouraging. What can be accomplished to smooth the training course? Dr Bertolino explains the leads to and clinical characteristics of the various sorts of alopecia areata and evaluations the therapy choices. Bertolino AP.

First Publication Date: June 2000

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The website for Dr. Shmuel Gonen is referred to as HairUp and the site is www.shmuel-gonen.com The youtube video is on there way too. The Thymuskin web site is www.thymuskinshampoo.com Not certain about this one but at all guys so wait around to see when I can halt employing the Clobex which is perscribed to my by my skin doctor.
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  1. Bangout910

    I’m doing the steroid shots to the scalp. No fun.. Just found out I have the disease too about 3 days ago. Hoping to see good results.

  2. Its an autoimmune disorder elevated due to the absence or inactivity of Tregs = regulatory T lymphocytes especially those carrying CD4 CD25 and FoxP3 markers

  3. nayemibre

    i also have alopecia, and i’m 13 years old. this is the second time i have it, and i was getting totally depressed cuz i was so happy when it grew back, and just a couple of months later i found 3 new bold spots, there are injections that seriously will work and let the hair grow back, is say don’t give up and there always other ways to cuver up.only good spirit is what works, cuz your hair is beautiful <3

  4. ValeCabron

    any recommendations for men? Getting married in three months I only have one bald spot in my back of the head. What products did help you the most. im on clobex but no progress. (:

  5. Zenidonable

    my doctor gave me an ointment that contains fluocinonide thou i dont have huge patches but still it hurts seeing your hair thinning down so much :/
    my prayers are with you.

  6. captainheretic

    I have that and I’m totally bald for like 6 years now. Lucky I’m a boy but still =/

  7. SMencia24

    hey i have alopecia as well and i am taking something that has considerably helped my hair if you would actually like to speak to me about it i can give you the link and let you know what product you should buy!… message me!

  8. XxdoncelladelmetalxX

    I have alopecia areata girls! I have about five bald spots at the moment. So far I can control it with my cortisone shots. It sucks!

  9. @Banana42020: There is a free naturopathic approach for alopecia on our channel in the comment section.

  10. Banana42020

    Hi, i have alopecia areata as well and i am wondering if you actually tried the Dr. Shmuel Gonen treatment or got results from it? I am thinking about trying it but not sure

  11. rforshall

    I am 28 years old, and have been suffering from Alopecia for about 12 years now. I noticed it my soph. year of H.S. when I started losing my eye lashes. My case is a little different, in that I’ve lost all my hair everywhere once…then most of it came back for about 5 years. And now it has been gone for about 3 years again now. I try not to stress about it,but it’s a vicious circle,how do you not stress about something when it’s taking control of your body. Being 6’7 I stick out with it lol

  12. Hi I just found the Dr. Shmuel Gonen website. I got the questionnaire. What’s the status with this idea? Have you tried this treatment. My insurance company is giving me hell to pay for the corticosteroid injections. They keep telling me they don’t cover the treatment because is cosmetic. I have to have the doctor send then his medical notes every time 🙁

  13. brewski1985

    Control your stress and it will grow back. My entire head was covered until I stopped stressing out and became grateful for all the wonderful things around me. I lost about 40% of my hair in a time frame of 6 months. I noticed a huge difference when I changed my lifestyle and became more positive. Be happy, you’re beautiful!

  14. I’ve been taking LDN for my autoimmune alopecia areata for two months and I think it’s helped reduce shedding and grow some back, although you never know whether it’s the treatment or whether it was that patches time to grow back. I’ve also read about a link to eating gluten and alopecia so maybe you could look into those too. Any luck with the israeli website yet? Kate. x

  15. telmaakpinar

    I in the past had alupecia, my father made some type of lotion that cured it. i now have a full set of hair on my head . My resson for exposing my story to all of you is to help ! i have no intention in makein any type of profit . please contact me Telmaakpinar@hotmail.com

  16. i hve tht 2 i get thee steroid injections nd im 13

  17. Don’t forget you are not alone. Search baby let your hair hang down.  Georgia is an amazing woman. They are almost ready to release the film. They just need some more mmoney to finish the distribution deals. If you want to help with the film please think of giving just a few bucks. One less latte from a lot of people and the film is in wide release. Alopecia need not be hidden and shameful. Georgia helps people (especially kids) deal with the disease and understand the problems.

  18. avatarcollides2day

    i have two lol and they struglin to grow

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