Purchase “Immune Tree Nano-Strength Moo Chews for Kids”

Immune Tree Nano-Strength Moo Chews for Kids

  • Colostrum6 certified to be True Colostrum by Dr. Don Lein from Cornell University!
  • Perfect combination of Growth Factors, Immune Factors, Essential Factors and Metabolic Factors for a healthy child!
  • Moo chew’s for kids taste just like a sweet tart, so hide the bottle!
  • Promotes healthy intestinal flora, supports the entire GI tract and gives you all you need for a better functioning immune system!
  • Give the added protection against the flu, viruses, and bacteria with your kids wanting to take the product!

Colostrum6 Capsules from Immune Tree is Mother Natures perfectly formed natural Nano-technology for balancing the body and helping with Rejuvenation, Regeneration and Immune Enhancement & Regulation. Your child will ask for them because they don’t have to know they are getting over 700 constituents in their “whole food” form, this first food gives us all of the Anti-Aging Factors, Immune Factors, Essential Factors, Basics and Metabolic Factors which allows your body to fully absorb this first food giving us what we need for Youth, Health and Vitality! Colostrum6 from Immune Tree comes from USDA Grade A (United States) bovine that are BSE, antibiotic, pesticide and hormone free. We use only the first milking to guarantee potency and quality.

List Price: $ 34.95

Price: $ 28.95

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