Purchase order “Personal Biopoint Anti-hair loss Shampoo for Men 200ml”

Personal Biopoint Anti-hair loss Shampoo for Men 200ml

  • Tri-G Complex
  • Bio-Complex 5
  • Anti- Hair Loss – Specific for men
  • Helps prevent hair loss
  • Country of origin: Italy

Specific for Men is a programme based on a Tri-G Complex, Ginger-Guduchi -Guarana complex of natural active ingredients specific for men’s hair scalp. Its triple toning, strengthening, anti-age action makes hair fibers strong and full-bodied. Anti-hair loss shampoo prevents and fights hair loss and cleanses the hair without altering its natural balance. Multifunctional Bio-Complex 5 performs a synergic action on the principal alterations responsible for hair loss. Regular use increases the density of the hair, prolongs its lifespan and promotes healthy regrowth. Helps prevents hair loss.

List Price: $ 28.99

Price: $ 28.99

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