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Specific Hair Gainye (60ml X 3) & 1 Bottle (60ml) for Free

  • helps to stop hair lossing
  • helps to regrow hair
  • applicable to treatment of alopecia
  • improves scalp environment
  • applicable for both male and female suffering from seborrheic alopecia

Specific Hair Gainye
Packing: 60 ml / bottle
Principles of formula: Modern scientific research has related hair loss of human to gene, but the direct cause of hair loss is that the scalp environment is destroyed by excessive high fat diet, cigarettes and alcohol, over-ironing and over-dying, chemical shampoos, high pressure, nervousness and sukra prameha caused by too frequent sexual intercourse. These factors may cause overmuch grease on scalp, blocking of hair follicles, lacking of blood supply, unbalance of nourishment and other serous scalp environment damages, which prevent hair from absorbing nourishment, stunt hair growth, cause hair loss and white hair. Therefore the idea of improving scalp environment is the revolutionary bre

List Price: $ 129.95

Price: $ 129.95

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