Query to fellas: How would you feel if you discover out that she is bald and has alopecia?

Query by jo m: Query to guys: How would you really feel if you locate out that she is bald and has alopecia?
My friend’s teenage daughter has alopecia. She is entirely bald and only wears a wig. To a non-discerning eye, the wig appears so genuine. In any case, the daughter has been viewing a man for a thirty day period now who nevertheless has no clue that his gf is only sporting a wig. My friend advised me that her daughter will inform him in time, when she feels like it.
That is her organization but how would you really feel if you uncover out following a month, that the lady you are observing has stored that magic formula from you for a month or two?

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Solution by Elliott
It is dependent on the guy. A nice guy wouldn’t care, but youngsters are typically not particularly delicate in regards to other people’s thoughts when it comes to this sort of issue.

There’s almost certainly a 1 in three possibility he will stay with her, specially considering how lengthy she has concealed it from him.


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