Question for females, males and miscellany! I want your honest viewpoint… Am I a misogynist?

Issue by The Phantom of Zemoolethah: Question for ladies, guys and miscellany! I need your trustworthy impression… Am I a misogynist?
Right here is a list of my beliefs about ladies:

1. I frequently watch females as sexual objects… I ogle them, undress them with my eyes, fantasize about them in sexual approaches without consideration for their personalities or other non sexual elements of their life style, such as their intelligence, values, loved ones, hobbies and so on.

2. I think that a lot of women are emotive and unwilling or have problems partaking in a rational dialogue or debate.

three. I feel numerous women are duplicitous! They say a single point but they do an additional! Or they act one way in community but entirely one more when they are on your own or with men and women they feel much less inhibited about.

four. They are frequently bodily smaller and weaker (nonetheless, this is not their fault… it is biology) – this is just a simple fact about the matter that I recognize. So I will not anticipate girls to be in a position to contend from males in numerous bodily sports.

five. I feel women generally love sexual intercourse more than guys do.. and frequently their lustful urges are more powerful. I also imagine that several girls secretly get turned on by sexual functions that may be relatively tough or demeaning. For example they might like to be forced close to a little bit and controlled. Their feeling of hazard and decline of manage (surrendering themselves to my sexual needs) is a flip on for them.

6. Many ladies like to flirt with guys to test if they can nonetheless entice other fellas even if these females are fortunately married or in a connection with one more man. They constantly need to have the reassurance that gentlemen find them desirable.

7. Women are usually much more insecure and self conscious about their physical appearance therefore their vanity troubles (which can sometimes lead to body image issues)… which is why the attractiveness market is predominantly for girls. Case in point: Hair, eyebrows, lashes, make up, plastic surgical treatment, shaving, waxing, Brazilians, manicures, pedicures, pores and skin therapy, baths, aromatherapy, toning, purifying, exfoliating, the list goes on!! Then there is also Vogue – sneakers, dresses, skirts, thongs, drive up bras, jewelery, and now tattoos and human body piercing.

Notice: I am just getting trustworthy about some of my opinions… this is not a deliberate endeavor to inflame girls. I have no wish or need to have to insult females. These are just observations. I am willing to acknowledge that may be inappropriate about them.

I need to have you to give me a Ranking among 1 to 10:

1 = Not misogynistic at all and really astute about females!

5 = Considerably misogynistic!!

10 = I need to be castrated and have each myself and my genitalia fed to the Lionesses!!!

Greatest response:

Reply by Jonny G.
3 = Marginally misogynistic but general extremely astute about women!

Know better? Depart your personal response in the comments!


  1. I would give you a big fat “zero” on your misogyny meter of 1 to 10. Why? Because misogyny is the “hatred” of women. The fact that you spend so much time caring about what they think, wear, how they look, enough proof of this. And I wouldn’t consider you astute either, I would say you are either a sexist or a chauvinist though based on the information you’ve given.

  2. Gender Stu

    Except for 5 and part of 7, you are simply recognizing the facts. There’s no misogyny in that.

  3. Twisted Saiyan Daddy Issues

    Apart from number 1 (the bit about seeing women as nothing but objects), you think like my ideal man. I think that everything you say apart from that is somewhat true. Although the thought of a man seeing me as nothing but an object or a piece of meat is pretty hurtful.

  4. I moved my own lawn yesterday Alex!
    Or I cut my own grass!
    I am the dominant sex!!!
    Do not even imagine me as a victim who enjoys any pain at all during the art of love thanks or my little soul might jump up and out of your fantasy and slap you in the face!
    Don’t you think it is a bit hard not to think of men as sex object when they obviously have an object for sex protruding from their bodies? = oh well, all of the men I meet do so I guess you do too?
    Men who ask questions like this are trying to find an answer?
    You saw me as much more than just a sexual object and you still do, do you not?
    = YES … because you wonder and you question and you ask “AM I?” … are you what?
    Dip you in honey and throw you to the lesbians … is what you want?
    All men fantasize about more than one woman or why not just say “Lioness” …?
    I’m a Tiger – es if you need to put a name on me but a Vego – tear – U – in…. so do not eat dead flesh!
    It is nice to have dreams but I reckon you would freak out and run home if any such a dream suddenly started to unfold before your eyes and a pride of females wanted you for their bride?
    And are you holding that flame for me?
    My shy little baby boy and let us drink tea!
    It is not your fault that you are just a man!
    And I will never tell you how better I am!
    May I ask just one small tiny question of you?
    Why do ALL men ask women this quest of what’s true??
    = “Is my penis big enough?”
    Or ‘is my penis small?”
    Or … is my penis just the same as the rest of them all?

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