12 thoughts on “Quick Remedy For Traction Alopecia and Normal Balding/Thinning

  1. Hello guys sorry that I haven’t put the name of the product on the video.
    I tried to get more and they stopped selling it. However I will tell you
    that I had huge results from seeing a dermatologist and getting the
    cortisone shots. She also gave me a liquid that I put on the areas every
    night in between my visits. My hair grew completely back and my bald spots
    are gone. I know there are so many products out here but the best thing is
    to see a dermatologist first to make sure of what is really going wrong.
    You may have to treat it internally first. 

  2. Great hair results I’ve suffered with alopecia, for over 20 yrs and I’ve
    tried everything except the steriod cortisone injections from the
    dermatologists I’m too scared!!! please inform thousands of people what the
    name of this product is? I would really like to know!!! Thanks 

  3. I don’t see the point of putting up a video to tell about a product that
    you don’t ever reveal the name. You also state there is a liquid from the
    dermatologist? What liquid? rogaine for women? Or it could have been
    anything. Guess this was really just a waste of time watching this video.

  4. Due to a alopecia areata I have been losing my hair slowly for some time. I
    wanted a product that could help make a difference. I’ve been using arga
    nlife. hair products for about a month now and noticing difference. I
    would recommend you visit arga nlife.

  5. I have been suffering frontal hair loss for two years, I bought argan life
    products. Although it’s not intended for frontal baldness. However, since I
    started using it, my hair loss got reduced like 80%, so this product is
    helping me to keep my hair where it belongs a bit longer. 

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