Quite Unwell Younger Female, Want Health-related Understanding & Help. What does she have?

Concern by Gabe C Xtra eleven: Very Unwell Young Girl, Need Health care Expertise & Guidance. What does she have?
I have a pal who’s sufferring from several distinct signs, and we are striving to determine out what’s inappropriate with her. Don’t be concerned, she is NOT IN Want OF Crisis Consideration. We have scheduled an appointment for her to meet up with with a medical doctor in about a month, but right up until then, we would like to get a couple of very first viewpoints. Nevertheless, she’s not a quite healthful individual in the 1st place. First allow me give you all a minor little bit of qualifications info about her.

She is 17, 5’2″, and weighs 94 lbs. She has been mildly annorexic for about four several years, and just lately this has escalated to serious. Given that the age of 14 she has been an insomniac, averaging 3 hrs of snooze per evening. She was not too long ago diagnosed with a thyroid problem, but she has nevertheless to just take much more exams and uncover out just what sort of thyroid condition it is. She has been under a wonderful, wonderful deal of emotional anxiety in the past 3 years, which has led to a state of in close proximity to-consistent despair. She’s been smoking cigarettes for a few several years, and about two 1/two weeks back, she overdosed by using 750mg of Vyvanse* in three times.

* Vyvanse is a stimulant, like Adderall, utilised to handle Include and ADHD signs and symptoms. The active component in it is related to amphetamine, and produces a euphoric “speeder” influence. The maximum everyday dosage for an grownup is 70mg.

Now, here is a record of the distinct indicators she’s been recently complaining of. If any person notices that 1 of her prior conditions could be the lead to of one or far more of the indicators, be sure to accept it in your reply. Also, if any or all of the signs collectively are signs of an additional sickness, be sure to tell what that may be, and some data about it.

one. Belly pains. (Shooting, sharp, stabbing pains in her stomache, intestines, and appendix).
two. Again pains. (Muscle aches in her middle again.)
3. Enflamed tonsils. (Tonsils and tongue have white locations on them. Unusual taste in mouth.)
4. Constipation, long lasting two weeks.
5. Really peculiar stool. (Modest, skinny, foul smelling.)
6. Receding, thinning hair. (Hair reduction is taking place quite quickly.)
seven. Exhaustion “tired” muscle groups. (Can not elevate elbows previously mentioned her head.)
8. Shortness of breath. (Cannot inhale really serious.)
nine. Physique shakes. (Mild and periodic.)

*Notice: Even though these signs and symptoms have been serious sufficient to interfere with the girl’s personal existence, they have not however grew to become so serious that she wants hospitalization or bedrest.

Once more, if any of her prior problems look to be leading to one particular of the listed indicators, please point it out.

And if any or all of the signs and symptoms appear to show a new sickness or disorder, please list which types, explain to the identify of the new sickness, and leave some information about it.

Also, any information relating to treatments of the signs and symptoms is tremendously appreciated.
Turns out she has hyperthyroidism.

And Vyvanse is not to be offered to individuals with thyroid troubles, specifically hyperthyroidism.

The Vyvanse constipated her, and because she took so a lot, it constipated her greatly. Those had been all of the pains.

Thank you absolutely everyone for all of your assist.

And, Emma, it genuinely is a buddy.Clearly, I am a guy. Putting “pal” in quotations, implying this was about myself, was not only carried out in ignorance, but impolite and cruel.

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Reply by April
All of the symptoms you pointed out are basic indications and signs of anorexia. Her entire body is not acquiring the vitamins and minerals it demands so she is worn out, shaky and obtaining gastrointestinal problems. Anorexia causes hair reduction when it gets to be significant due to the fact her entire body is drawing vitamins from anywhere that it can get it and the result is making her hair fall out. Since she is anorexic, she is most likely also suffering from a great depression which merged triggers all the earlier mentioned symptoms you have mentioned. It seems like the circumstance has grow to be significant and she wants medical attention as soon as feasible. The constipation and unusual stool indicates that her body can no extended soak up nourishment as it wants to.

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  1. it seem just not eating can do this to a person plus smoking but she could have appendicitis or tonsillitis or just need to eat and stay fit

  2. hot_mom_in_socal

    First off, I’m not a Dr, just a concerned person. The situation you are describing is INDEED AN EMERGENCY AND NEEDS TO BE TREATED AS SUCH. An overdose on any amphetamine is enough to warrant emergency medical attention. Period. And while in the hospital for an overdose your friend would have been examined and treated for the underlying causes of her complaints. If you have access here, try googling anorexia and look at the list of medical complications on it. ALL of the symptoms are listed as being caused by anorexia, depression, stress or all three combined. Treat the situation as seriously as you’ve described it and get your friend to a Dr sooner than about a week.

  3. i think ”ur friend” should should get a doctors appointment before next week. i really think this could be her anorexia getting worse,to maybe its last Level??? i don’t no am not sure.

    please get ur friend to make the appointment sooner than next week

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