Random bald place around eard?

Problem by : Random bald place all around eard?
I am 16 a long time outdated and previous summer when i was acquiring my hair cut, my barber discovered a bald place on the back of my head. It was behind my correct ear and it was frightening. I called my document up and he gave me ketaconazole shampoo and i regrew the hair and it is back again to standard. Then almost certainly about this past december i discovered another patch missing, but this time, it was previously mentioned my facet melt away and over my ear on the same side. I used the shampoo once again and the hairs are coming again little by little. The other day i was hunting by way of my hair and i identified an additional place on the still left aspect, appropriate higher than my ear. Its not far too massive, but if i lifted my hair up it is obvious. I have usually experienced the extended shaggy hair and this has in no way occurred until finally final summer time. Now im kinda freaked and i have been reading bout Alopecia Areata. I hope i dont have this. Nobody in my family members has any historical past of baldness or baldspots like this. Also, anytime i get my hair lower and maintain it small i are inclined to get rid of scarcely any hair in contrast to when it is prolonged. what could this potentially be??? Could i potentially take nutritional supplements of vitamin B compelx and biotin to avert this?

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I recently experienced a spot show up powering my proper ear and the peach fuzz linked with alopecia and the round bald locations on my deal with so I began making use of natural vitamins and minerals to see if I could get any final results. I acquire Vitamin C, Biotin, Antioxident Formulation, Vitamin A&D and Zinc and have seen an large boost of hair progress back again. So I believe that you could see some results. If you would like to get in touch with me then heres how http://www.facebook.com/XChicoSuaveX

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