Recurrance of Alopecia Areata?

Query by SweetPnut: Recurrance of Alopecia Areata?
When I was young, like 7 or 8, till my early teenager several years, I experienced an intense circumstance of alopecia areata. I would get heaps of bald places on my head. It ultimately went absent, but just lately I seen a location on the facet of my head. It truly is been at least 8-9 a long time given that I have experienced any spots.
Is this typical to have recurrances like this? I was genuinely hoping it was gone Forever when I ultimately didn’t have any places any much more…
And is there anything new in addition to individuals silly lotions that just make your head itch out there to treat the disease?

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Answer by healthwriter
It is possibly that you’ve got treated oneself of the dilemma but never ever truly healed oneself. If you have utilized medicines the final time, you should know that prescription drugs are only symptomatic treatments. They treat the indicators but fail to address the root of the troubles.

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