Remedy/Data for Alopecia-Areata?

Problem by Paul Singh: Treatment/Data for Alopecia-Areata?
Hi..I’m 16 and I have alopecia-areata and it is quite poor, I have spots all over my head, and a single massive one (two fingers long, 2 fingers extensive). It is very hard to disguise them during school, I have to wake up added early so I can resolve my hair so no 1 can see the patch……
So my query is what is a great treatment for it? Indeed I know there is no treatment. What will regrow hair quickly? I have presently tried using Rogaine, but that seems to not perform. Be sure to explain to me some data, because I am rather desperate now……

Thank You really much.

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Solution by jmp8701
From what ive read in areata cases the hair Actually grows back again within six months to a calendar year and in Unusual cases doesnt expand back. But, lightly massaging the scalp is explained to encourage the follicles and also fruit is said to help for some cause,excellent luck dawg im positive almost everything will operate out in some fashion for you.

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