Reviews “Anti-radiation & Battery Salvage Sticker for Cell Telephones – Cut down on Radiation inatake, Radiation is Cumulative!”

Anti-radiation & Battery Salvage Sticker for Mobile Phones – Lower down on Radiation inatake, Radiation is Cumulative!

  • Minimizes Electromagnetic Radiation by 96.43%
  • Raises the chat time and stand-by time of your cellular mobile phone
  • Extend the life span of a new cell mobile phone battery
  • Raises the lifestyle span of an previous mobile phone battery
  • Can lower troubles this kind of as headache, insomnia, and hair decline induced by cell phone radiation

The Anti-Radiation & Battery Salvage Sticker is a tiny, two inch decal that is positioned on the battery of your cell phone. This solution will lessen Electromagnetic Radiation by 96.43%. Cellular telephone consumers with out the Anti-Radiation & Battery Salvage Sticker are at danger for absorbing cell mobile phone radiation, which is cumulative and never introduced from the body.

Are you involved about the wellness troubles that we are subjecting ourselves to when using our cell phones? Radiation is released by mobile phone telephones, which affects the function of our central stressed programs.

The Anti-Radiation and Battery Salvage Protect functions as a barrier among your cell cellphone and your brain to take in 96.forty three% of the radiation emitted.

Other rewards of the Anti-Ra

Listing Cost: $ 10.75

Price tag: $ ten.seventy five

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  1. colleen ryan
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Product!, October 21, 2010
    colleen ryan (watertown, ma, US) –

    This review is from: Anti-radiation & Battery Salvage Sticker for Cell Phones – Cut down on Radiation inatake, Radiation is Cumulative! (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    You never can be too careful when dealing with technology! This product has helped to reduce my headaches, and it even is said to stop hair loss. For the price, why not get one!

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  2. AskVivi11

    I usually use Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan OIl Shampoo on my hair because I used to suffer from hair loss, but the argan oil helps stimulate growth and strengthens existing hair so now my hair is thicker and stronger 🙂

  3. EternalSparda

    Alright thanks. I appreciate the response.

  4. NisimInternational

    I would suggest alternating between FAST shampoo and NewHair Biofactors shampoo. Use the FAST conditioner every day. If you have thinning hair use the extract as well

  5. EternalSparda

    so what is the best combination for maximum hair growth and thickening? Can anyone answer this question.

  6. NisimInternational

    You need only the shampoo to prevent hair loss but you need the extract if you want to grow the hair you have lost in the past 5 years back. I cant speak to the quality or authentic nature of products sold on ebay as we do not sell our products there.

  7. Ddstairclimber

    so what are you supposed to buy? just the shampoo, or another product along with the shampoo?? if so what is the effect of the other product?? are u the same s the ones who sell it in ebay???

  8. FoetalSpace

    Because you’re paying for quality, same reason ‘salon grade’ shampoos are expensive.
    you could try using Nizoral, but it will probably cause drying and irritation.

  9. NisimInternational

    That is great to hear please keep us posted

  10. Baldoxxx4000

    and why does this shit cost so expensive? :

  11. FoetalSpace

    Most of those forums regard bio-stimulation a scam, and have almost nothing to say about the role copper peptides play in hair loss

  12. FoetalSpace

    If you actually looked into hair loss causes, you’d see that DHT inhibiting shampoos stop shedding and allow hair to grow.

  13. as a user of almost 2 months now i noticed this… hair loss has come down ALOT. i know i loose less than 100 hairs a day. my pillow my bed sheets used to have hair everywhere. when i brush rarely does hair come out….at most 2, not every time. you hair feels clean and thick. also have a slightly receding hair line on my left side, and a little bit of thinning in the front. both of these areas im seeing the white hairs that were miniaturizing grow longer and darker, its only the begging!

  14. NisimInternational

    can you share these forum where they say FAST is a scam I would like to see them

  15. NisimInternational

    Thank you the feature video are paid for just like key words on google you bid for them

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