Rogaine and Hair Loss?

Concern by Indecisive: Rogaine and Hair Reduction?
Rogaine and hair reduction?
I *think* my hair is thinning. (its difficult to explain to simply because I have thick, coarse hair. but it appears thinner at the roots to me.) I’m fairly paranoid about this because my father is really bald and my buddies are already beginning to get rid of their hair — but I’m a younger male in his twenties!

In my desperation I have begun to toy with the notion of making use of rogaine. I was pondering if any person could assist with the subsequent questions:

Is it correct that if I use it and then end, that the rest of my hair will tumble out? (not just the “new” hair.)
how does the foam vary from the regular system?
is this things like goop in your hair all working day?
is there something else I should know?

can any person advise any other tips or therapies to assist.

thanks for all your aid

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Answer by KM
There are some type of hair decline items evaluation and some hair treatment tips at the beneath site that i located. Hope this can help you to reslove your issue.

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