Rogaine Evaluation – Does rogaine operate ? Hair Loss

Assessment of my encounter with rogaine. three Months Provide Rogaine Extra Energy five% six Months Source Rogaine Further Power 5% male pattern baldness,.
Movie Rating: four / 5


  1. Efrain Marcel

    *Der m o biot i n Sh a mpoo works great for hair loss and faster hair
    growth.Wet your hair first and rub your scalp,then apply shampoo and r u b
    it in all over hair.needs alot of water to suds up good,so add water in
    palm of hand onto your head and keep soaping up to get rich lather.Leave on
    hair for 3 to 5 minutes a n d then rinse out.This method is what I do and
    my hair is growing quicker and is thicker*

  2. Jacky Ng

    If you was losing hair on your dick would you use this shit? Why waste your
    time and money and all the headaches of denial, trying to hide it, and all
    the possible side effects. Constantly putting that stuff on your head. And
    when you stop it falls out. (Considering that the crap really work at all).
    I shaved mine and moved on with my life. Shit happens, there are things
    that are much worst. Be a man and just admit it and shave it or use a
    trimmer and just keep it trimmed to the skin if you’re lazy to shave
    everyday. Once you start getting use to it and look yourself in the mirror
    and tell yourself you look way better like that then looking like a clown
    in denial. Look at Bruce Willis and Jason Statham and many more to name.
    Enjoy life and just let it go, you’ll thank yourself for it

  3. Andrew Perkins

    dumbazz. read the label. it says in plain english it does not work on the
    front of your bald head. only the spot in the back.

  4. Eric Argoni

    i got a 1 month supply of the stuff like 1 month ago. im only 22 but i
    noticed my hairline had gone back. at first, i freaked out because i lost
    about a half inch. then i realized, i had been way to generous with the
    stuff and not precise. my hair is already back and its now growing in the
    spots where i didnt mean to put it. advice:be fucking careful. you do not
    want hair in the middle of your forhead like me. i could care less though.
    my hairline will look like it was when i was 18 soon. i might have to shave
    a little extra but fuck it! this shits amazing. 

  5. Dashi Games

    its 2014 u dickhead, and just one or two more years, no one will be scamed
    by any one of u, bcoz thanks to youtube who help, and second nobody can
    stop hair loss its imposible right now maybe in future, but rite now there
    is no cure. so keep ur grands in ur pocket

  6. CelestialWoodway

    If your hair grows out how to you keep applying it? Does it not need to
    touch your scalp?

  7. Michelle Stephanie

    *Dermo biotin shampoo* w o rks better than R o gaine for my H u
    sband! ..He really likes it and says he saw results very quickly. Very good
    product and will definitely keep using it and see what h a p pens in the
    long run..

  8. Nicholas

    I have experience that sulfate tend to be harsh on the scalp and cause hair
    loss. So that means using an organic shampoo will help hair loss. My
    favorite one Argan life Anti Hair Loss shampoo ” it is sulphate and alcohol
    free. I also use argan life argan oil my shedding has completely stopped.

  9. pidermaniga

    Will this work to grow facial hair (beard)? 

  10. cheers will

    in Canada its 150.00 dollars for a three month supply. Canadians are
    gullible and will do what they are told.

  11. Why would someone use anything less than extra strength? 

  12. Stewart McGovern

    *Super hair food shampoo for hair growth is the best I have ever tried. My
    hair looks healthier and thicker and is actually growing in areas of my
    scalp where I was receding. Smells great as well*

  13. Baby babu

    if you’re goin bald you gotta lift like a mother fucker. get that jason
    statham look going. its the only way.

  14. Milton Laene Araujo

    honestly – I expected something other than talk talk talk

  15. EvilMelon

    no offence but how do we know you are not making up?

  16. sulfur oxide

    propecia could make you impotent,,,,but you could use these instead:
    Rogaine 5%, Nizoral shampoo 2%, Biotin capsules 5k mcg or 10k mcg, and
    Vitamin E 600mcg…there you go, im sure after a year of consistent use,
    you’ll be like chewbacca 

  17. Jonathan Dockter

    Minoxidil really works for me. I use the generic Kirkland brand that’s
    relatively cheap on Amazon. I started using it a few years ago and then
    fell out of the routine and started noticing notable hair loss again. I
    started the daily routine this past October and the results are very
    noticeable. I traveled home to see my parents last month who I hadn’t seen
    in over a year. One of the first things my mother said is how she couldn’t
    believe how much my hair had grown back in. What’s interesting is that it
    states that it mostly grows hair on the top of your head and not so much
    above your temples. I’ve had about equal effect in both areas. If you’re
    on the fence I’d definitely pick up a 6 month supply and give it a try. I
    say 6 month because 1 month won’t yield any results, 3 month maybe, not
    even sure why they sell it actually.