Sale “Super Grow Laser Handheld Hair Loss Laser Model”

Super Grow Laser Handheld Hair Loss Laser Model

  • No tedious brushing means faster results
  • Good choice for those who travel
  • Each laser is 4 mw and 650 nanometers of red laser light
  • One year limited warranty

Super Grow Laser Handheld Hair Loss Model (formerly Laser Max) – With 12 individual lasers our entry level laser unit is more powerful than most of our competitions top laser unit, but at an entry level price. An easy way to find out if laser therapy is right for you.

Hold the laser about 3 inches from the top of the scalp. As each laser can stimulate the hair follicles up to three inches in circumference from the point, there is no need to move the head around.

For the first two weeks, use every day for 20 minutes. Then use for 20 minutes every other day. The follicle will force the weak hair out at first, giving the appearance of further hair loss; however, during the next hair growth phase, the hair will come in looking fuller and th

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Price: $ 129.95

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    Got/getting Results, BUT…, May 4, 2011

    This review is from: Super Grow Laser Handheld Hair Loss Laser Model (Health and Beauty)

    The item pictured is an XP12, one of which I purchased in FEB of 2011. I’ve been using mine for approximately 10 weeks. When I first started I was using it all the time (maybe like an hour a day) but I have read many places that say that 20 minutes 3x a week is fine, and hair can only grow so fast so this actually makes sense, & that’s what I’ve changed to in the last month or so. When I say using, what I do is let it sit in a position on my head for a few seconds and move it slightly. Or I’ll slowly move it over the scalp, taking like 3-5 seconds from one side to the other. Supposedly, laser diodes stimulate the skin within a 1.5″ radius of the laser, so you dont have to hit every little follicle to stimulate it.
    In reading other’s reviews of laser hair therapy and it’s products, I know that if this is going to actually regrow hair that has stopped growing, it will not be for at least a few more months. That being said, from the first time i started using this product NONE OF MY HAIR HAS FALLEN OUT. I started losing my hair at 21, and since then have always been able to run my hand over my scalp vigorously and expect to see an avalanche of hair. I tried EVERYTHING, literally, and wish I’d tried this first. I remember thinking “That’ll never work, it doesn’t make sense”. Presently, I still have hair across my scalp, with a receded hairline, but it was thin enough that the people in my life would pat my shoulder and lovingly say, “you’re going bald buddy”. This product has not only stopped any of my hair from falling out since (not an exaggeration), but friends and family have commented that my hair looks “better”. What they are referring to (I think) is the thickness of the hair that I have. Instead of being limp and brittle, my hair growth since February has become thicker/darker, healthier. Again, from what I’ve read, there are people out there who respond in a similar manner but never regrow hair, so that’s important to remember! Everyone’s different and unique!
    That being said, I say with full-confidence that there is something to this laser light treatment of hair, it is not a scam! There’s definitely hope in me that I will have a full head of hair by the end of this year (enough hair that people will stop saying “he’s losing his hair”).
    I did not give this product 5 stars because 2 of my 12 laser diodes stopped working. I actually had to remove one of the damaged diodes, because in addition to not putting out a beam of light, it became hot to the touch, whereas the other diodes were cool to the touch with a concentrated beam. This has happened with another diode since then, minus the excessive heat that was present with the other. But, I have dropped it a few times, as it is not a helmet that you wear or lamp that you sit under. This product does what it says, stimulates hair follicles. If you’ve been completely bald for a long time, I would not expect life-changing results. AND this is something you must stick with for the long haul. BUT, after 1 week you will know whether this works for you or not, by a lack of shedding. Good luck out there! Remember, the more diodes the better, and LaserMax Hair Comb only has 1! The more laser diodes you have aimed at your scalp, the more follicles will be stimulated in a given amount of time. Lastly, Im a real human being! I hope you find relief from your hair loss.

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