Sale “Vichy Dercos Energising Shampoo with Aminexil for Hair Loss”

Vichy Dercos Energising Shampoo with Aminexil for Hair Loss

Energising Shampoo with Aminexil for Hair Loss Shampoo containing Aminexil and vitamins PP/B5*/B6, reinvigorates hair from root to tip. Can be used frequently. The ideal complement to DERCOS anti-hair loss treatments with Aminexil. Ingredients: 1.5% concentration of Aminexil, a patented anti-hair loss molecule, which fights the collagen stiffening process. Vitamins PP/B5/B6. – White fluid – Light fresh fragrance HAIR LOSS PROBLEMS: More than 50% of people have hair loss problems. MEN: Hair loss is caused essentially by genes or hormones. WOMEN: It’s mainly linked to stress, tiredness and hormonal or seasonal variations. STRENGHTENING OR STIFFENING THE ROOTS: Our research has discovered that whatever its origin, hair loss is linked t

List Price: $ 18.95

Price: $ 18.95

Question by HollJay: How to prevent hair loss around hairline from braids?
Sometimes people’s hairlines get messed up from the braids that they wear. How do you prevent hair loss around your hairline when you wear braids?

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Answer by Dancin’Fool
Don’t do them too tight, it does unbelievable damage to your hair!
A tip is to do the braids whilst hair is wet, this also make it easier to put in. And also, when taking them out, don’t rush, and dampen them with water, it makes it easier and it doesn’t pull as much 🙂

Hope this helped x

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